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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for a Crane Duet concertina specifically to accompany sea shanties and other songs, especially in less popular keys. I don't have a huge amount of money but I will consider anything as I realise they are rather scarce. Thanks Jerry
  2. I am looking to purchase a 48 button Stagi English Baritone Concertina. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello folks , anyone have a c/g Dipper Anglo for sale ?
  4. Trying to find a secondhand mid to high end instrument in the US with a Jeffries layout C/G, would consider 38 keys too. A Suttner would be first my first choice but I know they're rarely seen used. PM if you might have something - I've checked all the usual online shops. Thanks
  5. I have recently purchased a George Jones English, however it has lost it's (baffles and) plaque. I am looking to replace the lost oval. The concertina dates to 1902, so something before then would be best, but others considered as well. Dave
  6. I'm in the UK and after a two row C/G Lachenal or Jones with an extra button at the top end of the C row. I know there's a 22 button unit that will provide this but they don't seem to be very common. If anyone has such a unit lying around gathering dust ..... thanks Geo Meadows UPDATE: PLEASE IGNORE THIS - CHANGE OF PLAN! (I'd delete this if I could find a way of doing it!)
  7. I am based in Devon, England and I wish to purchase a Rochelle Anglo C/G which must be in good as new condition. Currently no dealer in UK has any stock of this model.
  8. I am looking for a small Aeola with anything from 8 to 24 keys ( they exist! ). Does anyone now of anyone, who might have one for sale
  9. I'm looking for a smaller Crane duet concertina as my first foray into the world of duets. Please let me know if you have a 42 or 48 button model in good condition and properly tuned that you are looking to sell (I may even consider a 35 button model). I live in France. Thanks, Dean
  10. I am looking for a Suttner Concertina, the A2 Jeffries-type. I have a new one on order, but would like to have one in the meantime. I live in Dublin, Ireland.
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