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Found 4 results

  1. hello everyone, new user here. i'm also relatively new to concertinas but i have been practicing with an anglo for about a month and i can play one semi-intermediate difficulty song currently. anyways i recently got a rochelle 2 and i think i would do better with a duet than anglo so after a bit of research i settled on getting a stagi hayden duet 46 instead of trading in the rochelle and paying the same for a troubadour which has fewer buttons. in my research i heard that stagi used to be pretty hit and miss, but after the company was taken over by new owners, quality control got better and they're more consistent now. i had been emailing will wakker about how the trade in thing works before deciding not to trade up and told him i decided to go with a stagi instead because of more buttons for the same price and he informed me that because of how stagi actions are constructed, they need to be serviced more often, and that i should procure some replacement "rubber action connectors" so i'm prepared when something breaks to be able to fix it, and that stagi uses an action design he referred to as "rubber band action". i can't find any descriptions online about this or even pictures or diagrams of the actions and which parts he's referring to. i can open the instrument and look at it when it gets here but in the mean time i'd like to do as much research as i can on the matter. the only image i can find anywhere online of a stagi action is a picture in this thread where i can't make out which part is supposed to be the rubber action connectors. i don't know if it matters that the thread is about an english, while mine is a duet. do they use different mechanisms? i also don't know where i would get a set of these parts. he suggested that i ask the retailer i got it from, which is red cow music, but i don't see anything on their site about any replacement parts.
  2. Hi! I recently bought a new stagi haydn duet and when it was delivered everything was fine except one thing! The lowest C on the bass side is out of tune and rustling and wheezing a bit. I opened the concertina up to look at it and the reeds are attached to reed blocks but the space is really narrow so it seems hard to be able to tune one reed, and even hard to tune noth in and out. I could remove the reed block but its waxed/glued on, so it seems a bit much just to tune one set of reeds. Now, I am an accordion player and have some experience with tuning accordions so that part isn't the problem, the problem is getting to the reeds. Any ideas? Regards, Ernst Rolf
  3. I am a retailer of the Stagi range of concertinas. In the past 6 months there have been big changes at Stagi, and the standard has improved beyond belief. They now produce a good standard beginners to intermediate quality concertina, English, Anglo and duet. The action is quicker, the tuning is exceptional and the finish is wonderful. Not everyone can afford a high quality Antique concertina or a Norman or Morse, so the Stagi range is essential to encourage people to start to learn this wonderful instrument. I now that I will be lampooned and criticised for my opinion, but putting barriers in front of people who would love to try the concertina but can neither afford a top concertina or don’t want to part with a large sum early on Should be encouraged and not put down by the concertina purists. Steve Morrison Red Cow Music
  4. Hi Can anyone give me the contact details for the Stagi concertina Manafacturer in Italy. Thank You.
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