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Found 23 results

  1. There is a show here in the states called Stonehouse staring Matthew Macfadyen. Three episodes in all. The third episode has Morse Dancers with about 3 seconds of musicians including a man playing the concertina.
  2. I've a lovely Morse Anglo for sale in North Wales, reduced to £1700. It's a GD and plays beautifully, all in tune and very nice. It's in excellent condition without wear to the underside of the bellows or anything. It has an extra option of a G drone on the left hand. I don't seem to be able to upload photos to this post so I've listed it on Facebook as well and you can see here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/713422979655509/
  3. Hello Everyone, After several years of being rarely played, I have made the difficult decision to sell my concertina. I dislike being a quitter, but I play too many other instruments to give this beautiful instrument the time it deserves. I am the original owner of #1082. It was manufactured in the spring of 2013, and has probably been played less than 60 hours since then. Still very much in excellent condition. I hope I'm not being unreasonable looking for $3000 US or approximately $3800 CAD. Original price was $3850 US. I am located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. A 2.5 hour drive from border crossings at Detroit or Buffalo. Anyone is welcome to come play it. http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-beaumont.html- The button box website has excellent sound samples and pictures. I have never posted before, but I have enjoyed the discussions a lot. It was the postings on Concertina.Net that informed me enough to be confident in purchasing this concertina. Sincerely, James Fraser
  4. Morse Low D 30 button Baritone Anglo for sale. 5 years old. Virtually unplayed and in excellent condition with manufacturer’s fitted hard case. Amazingly deep and loud sounding, very fast box. Please visit www.buttonbox.com where you will find everything you could possibly want to know about this instrument and its build quality. This is a fantastic instrument and a credit to the maker but, is now surplus to my requirements. Collect only or, midway mutually convenient rendezvous for instrument exchange. Covid safe conditions guaranteed. Bacs payment in advance please. £2300.00 or offers invited/considered. FaceBook message me in first instance or respond here if interested and for detailed information exchange. Many thanks for reading.
  5. Morse Ceili anglo concertina for sale. C/G, Jeffries layout, Morse #86. In primo condition w/hard case. $1650 + shipping. I'm in the Pacific Northwest area of the US.
  6. I have 2 G/D Anglo Concertinas for Sale: 1. Morse Ceili # 1284 (2015), Cherry body, Jeffries layout, excellent condition with original HSC. $1950 + shipping. 2. Frank Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound with fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos available on request. Thanks, Joe Fallon
  7. A good friend is looking for a used Morse Anglo to give to his fiance as a birthday present. I am posting here on his behalf. He is an accomplished piper with whom I play regularly. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance -- Davy
  8. Greetings, I have a Morse Albion Treble Concertina s/n 383 which I would like to sell. I understand that you folks are upright and honest people so what would it be worth. It cost in excess of £1400 new. Its like new and hardly played as my wife developed Arthritis and finds it painful. Its got a hardcase and a gig bag. Advice is welcome but, a decent offer would be magic. Dave
  9. Hi, All: Just curious. What is the benefit of a 7-fold bellows? My current concertina has 6 and I'm wondering what I'm missing out on. Thanks, cdm
  10. My lovely - in fantastic condition - 45 button Morse Geordie Tenor English Concertina is up for sale. It's a bit like a treble, but has an extra row so it goes to a 5th lower (i.e. the lowest note is a C rather than a G). It is in excellent condition, has fast action and plays beautifully (I don't though). I have a smaller Morse EC, which I am keeping, but I need to sell this one. I am a lifelong string player (mandolin etc) and 1 concertina is enough for me to enjoy. Rosewood stained Cherry ends, black Delrin buttons, brass fittings, riveted action, 6-fold bellows, and high-quality accordion-type reeds. With original hardshell case. Here's a link to the instrument on the Musicroom website... http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/product_info.php/products_id/5115 All offers will be considered - you may grab a bargain ) If anyone is interested, then please email me howard@thehilltribe.com. I live near Oxford, England. Once sold, then a donation to this website will be made. Thanks Howard (edited to include Musicroom link)
  11. I have a Morse Ceili for sale. Jeffries layout, rosewood finish, hard case, about a year and 9 months old. No problems at all - just needing to sell because I am moving up to a Kensington which should be shipped to me in a few days! New they are $2550, asking $2000 plus shipping charges. Donation to concertina.net will be made if sold through here. Contact kellitrujillo@me.com for more info, pictures, soundfiles, etc.
  12. Hi, I am selling my 30 button C/G Morse concertina. It is number #122, so it is a classic from the early days - but last winter, in anticipation of selling it, I had it completely refurbished by the Button Box (new bellows and bushings, valves checked, wax replaced and tuned). They did a beautiful job and it plays really well, though could still use some breaking in after the re-build. It is a modified Jeffries layout with three c# because I added a c# on the push (first finger on rt). FYI, I live in the Western U.S. for purposes of contacting me and mailing. Please email me at clairezu247@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks, Claire
  13. Guest

    Morse Albion Baritone

    Hi! Great condition Morse. The second one I've owned. These instruments are made with such great craftsmanship in Sunderland Mass. I bought it used last year, on a bit of a discount as there is one wear mark from the previous owner's nail? In any event I paid $1950, looking for 1700. Willing to negotiate. Comes with fitted black case. Pictures attached. Will email more if you like Feel free to contact me here, or at this email for more pics: envfolkcd@gmail.com
  14. Our new R. Morse & Co. model, the ESB baritone anglo concertina, will be available soon. We have a few preview sound clips on our website courtesy of Jody Kruskal. No photos yet! Here are the highlights: - one octave below a standard anglo, in the keys of C/G or D/A - measures 7" across - hand-finished (tipo a mano) reeds standard - 31-key Wheatstone or Jeffries note layout - rosewood-stained cherry ends, 6-fold leather bellows - cut brass lever arms, stainless steel springs, riveted action - extended chambers on lowest notes to enhance response and volume - selling price $2,850.00, including a fitted, hardshell case. - estimated delivery: Fall, 2014 For order information, visit our website, our call us at (413) 665-7793, Regards, Doug Creighton The Button Box
  15. I have a Morse "Ceili", C/G anglo concertina with Jeffries layout, Rosewood stain with fitted case (#494) for sale. It was made for me in July 2007 and has been used for less than 5 hours. Perfect condition. I paid $1,825 (and waited several months for construction). I would be happy to accept $1,325. I can provide pictures etc as necessary.
  16. I started out on an CC Elise Duet, got a Morse Beaumont, and now am both on Wakker's waitlist for a trad-reeded Hayden and also playing around with a vintage Crane. Still pondering out how I feel about the leap to trad reeds, whether by getting the Wakker or by getting more seriously into a vintage Crane. I notice the Morse instruments are pretty popular overall, even amongst the players who can/do own trad-reed instruments. Do some folks find the Morses as good as or better than trad-reed for some purposes? Do you keep a Morse around so you aren't risking your "nice" ones, or because it's more reliable/durable, just for a change of pace, or because on some level you find it "better" than other options? Has anyone tried both hybrid and trad and come to the conclusion that you're just happier with a Morse?
  17. I am looking for a new home for my Morse Albion Serial # 1040, December 2012 It is in great shape (nearly new), and plays beautifully. Hard case $2100+ shipping Donation to CNet of course! Sarah
  18. I have a beautiful Morse Geordie Tenor English concertina. It has a greater range of notes than I will ever use and so I was wondering if anyone would want to swap their Morse Albion Treble for my Tenor. I would benefit from a smaller instrument and somebody could benefit from the greater range of low notes. Cheers Howard
  19. I first bought a duet concertina in 2010; purchased the recently-introduced Concertina Connection Elise and had it shipped over to me in Afghanistan (here's my old thread that led me to choose it). I played it casually for a few years, finding it satisfactory for my purposes despite its limited scale, since I largely play trad music in the "people's keys" anyway. It wasn't until 2013 when I started playing duets with a guitarist for house-parties that I started to notice the limitations of the Elise. Hayden duets are great for transposing, but on a semi-chromatic instrument I can only transpose to a few select keys. Further, the more I played the more I noted how the limits of the action were slowing me down; it was time to upgrade. I sold a motorcycle and a few extra musical instruments to gather the $3800 sticker price, and placed my order with Buttonbox in late October. I received the 52-key Wicki-Hayden duet on the last day of the year. I've played the box for nearly a week now, and thought I'd share some initial impressions since I haven't seen anyone else on the forum mention having bought one. I was initially apprehensive about the investment, given that it costs nearly ten times what my starter cost, and practically speaking I can't expect it to be ten times better, so there's some expected diminishing returns as price climbs. I fretted I'd feel I overbought, or maybe that I'd feel I'm just not good enough at concertina to justify buying a pricey one. I suppose my current state is "cautiously pleased". The box is largish compared to an Anglo, but no larger than the 34-key Elise, so no problem there. Also as noted by owners of other Morse models, it feels very light in the hands (3.1 pounds); not flimsy, just it is quicker in the hands than the size suggests. I don't feel ready to compare tone yet, since I've only heard it through a "player's ears" so don't know how it sounds compared to an Elise on a recording or to an audience. Further, my Elise has been "played-in" for a few years, which I imagine has helped developed the tone, so hard to get apples-to-apples. I might need to do a double-blind test with friends to ask which they think sounds "better", though some forum members have mentioned their bandmates prefer the sound of their Stagi over their Wheatstone, so subjectivity. The upgrades that led to the purchase, however, are immediately apparent. The action is way crisper on the Beaumont, keys bounce back much faster, and the reed response is much faster and smoother. And it is convenient to be able to be able to play in Bb and A as easily as I played in C before. That said, even an expanded keyboard has its limits, as I found when I tried to work out a tune off a recording (May Blooming Fields, done by Cordelia's Dad), only to find it's in F# and so requires bouncing a finger all the way across the keyboard to get the one note (Bb/A#) I don't have on the far right. But F# is not among my favored keys, so I'll survive. The width of the keyboard does take some adjusting to: with the straps snug I can't reach everything, so I have the straps a little loose and "cup" my hands to take up slack when I'm not reaching for far notes. The straight (rather than canted) keyboard is taking a little getting used to, but it does indeed make it easier to reach the sharp side of the keyboard. The bellows are of course way nicer than the Elise, though mine are going to take some breaking in. My Elise feels loosey-goosey when played back to back with the Beaumont, both in the good and bad way, but presumably the Beaumont will take on more of the good-loose and little of the bad-loose as the bellows break in. I'm finding the air button on the handrail to be a fun change, but the airhole is very small: while holding it down it still takes a few seconds of pressure to fully open or close the bellows, it's not a big gulp of air like on an Anglo. I presume this is deliberate, and it is to some degree helpful since I can take a quick breath to set up my bellows for a long push or pull but use so little air that it's easy to keep it from affecting the notes underway. This is what's popped to my attention over the few days of playing; I'll probably have more realizations as I mess with it. I do feel that this decision is helping me to double-down on learning duet, to the point that I'm selling off some excess gear since I'd rather invest the time in learning concertina than in improving my limited clawhammer banjo skills, etc. I like the sound of concertina, it gives me a lot of the traits I would've bought an organ to get, and I think it's a great instrument for song accompaniment. I'm coming to the conclusion that I want to get better (or if not better, at least more confident) at singing, so I can make good use of the concertina as accompaniment. This was a big step forward in terms of both price and quality, now I just need to make it worthwhile.
  20. I'm advertising this concertina on behalf of an acquaintance in Belgium who liked the Morse Geordie Tenor concertina so much that he owned two of them. I recently bought the older model, which I'm delighted with, and he has now asked me to advertise the remaining new, unplayed model as he has moved on to other interests. Here's a link to the Belgian website on which it is advertised: http://www.2ememain.be/marche/?qq=concertina&afd=&pc_id Some bigger photos can be sent, if necessary and feel free to contact me by PM through this site if you have any questions and I'll pass them on. The asking price is €1,800 which includes insured postage within Europe and PayPal fees. This is a fair price given the current cost of a new model (see www.buttonbox.com) and then shipping and import duties into Europe. I'd like to stress that I'm doing this as a favour and have no financial interest in the sale. The owner will be handling the transaction and posting the concertina but I can vouch for his integrity. Thanks for looking. Dean
  21. I started with a Jackie four years ago, based on what I read in these forums, and I was hooked. Last year I bought my Albion treble. I kept the Jackie because I travel out of state for my job, and I keep the Jackie at my client site, so I don't risk the Albion with regular travel (and because I rapidly got spoiled with the convenience factor of not hauling the Jackie back and forth). A few months ago I started taking music lessons from a violin/mandolin/guitar player, who is astonished at finding herself teaching a concertina player but plays the kind of music I like, mainly contra dance tunes. (Concertinas are rather rare in Olympia, WA.) Now I find myself frustrated when I practice at home on the Albion and go to lessons with a Jackie. The missing accidentals and slower action are increasingly noticeable, the longer I work with my teacher. I want another concertina. Since I'm not likely to go all the way to Massachusetts anytime soon, I'm again looking to order one without having played it first. I love my Albion treble, so sticking with Morse seems a safe bet. Also, the two wheatstones I've had the privilege of playing were a lot heavier. I've read all the forum topics I could find on the Geordie and the Albion and baritones versus the higher ranges. I've listened to YouTube videos with each. I'm now rather inclined to the Geordie baritone right now. It looks like I can just play an octave lower and have the same fingering on songs I'm learning with my teacher. In some long far off future when I'm not traveling full time and would have both in the same state, having the flexibility to switch between them based on the song or who I'm playing with seems like a good thing to have. I also used to be a choir singer, and learning to accompany myself is attractive, too. Having a more mellow tone than with the treble might be good with some audiences, also. Thoughts? Recommendations?
  22. Morning all, I have a Morse Ceili in C/G with Wheatstone key layout for sale - looking to fund a new instrument purchase. The concertina is as new. It has been played in and was recently serviced by the Buttonbox. A new Ceili is $2450 - I would like to sell it for $2000. It comes with the original hard case. Buyer would be responsible for the shipping and insurance charges. Edited to add pictures Marcus
  23. The Button Box is very happy to announce that our new Hayden duet model concertina - the "Beaumont" - is now available. Here are the specs: - 7" hexagonal format, with natural finish cherry ends and a 6-fold leather bellows - 52 keys: 23 left (B-flat to b1) 29 right (b-flat to d3). See note chart. - 1/4" Delrin™ buttons in rows parallel to the handrests - responsive, high-quality Italian accordion reeds - fast, light, riveted action with stainless-steel springs Selling price is $3,850.00, including a a fitted, hardshell case. Photos and more info at: http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-beaumont.html
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