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Found 5 results

  1. Jim Besser and I on and off play various current artists pieces. Jody being one of them. We took two of Jody's tunes that we play and put them into a short set: Fickle Moon and Pumpkin Moon. This recording was at a rehearsal with just the two of us. Notice the difference in the sounds of the two different systems and the way we do our phrasing. https://soundcloud.com/user827948939/fickle-moonpumpkim-moon
  2. Once More A Lumbering Go - https://youtu.be/B5G8L-NB684 I've been collecting historic vintage photographs to illustrate this charming and romantic description of deep woods logging in the American Northeast. It's a traditional song, known to go back at least as far as 1851 though I heard it from the singing of Adirondack balladeer, Larry Older. It is featured as track 7 on my latest CD "Concertina Valentine - 16 Vintage Songs of Love, Lust and Romantic Notions" www.jodykruskal.com Choice stories of passion from the giddy to the glorious, featuring an eccentric collection of humorous characters... earnest lovers, self-satisfied gloaters, punsters, dreamers, wimps, heroes and cads in this happy selection of saucy songs from times gone by. The chorus singers are: Julia Friend Heather Wood Ken Schatz Deirdre Murtha David Jones
  3. This month's poll was really close, with all three contenders garnering strong support. But we have a winner: Jody Kruskal's Hop and Skip, a bouncy little tune that's loads of fun to play (and, according to my Northwest clog dancers, even more fun to dance to). Jody describes it as "a step-hop hornpipe meant for the jaunty lumpiness of English dances. Play it with a bouncy swing for full flavor." Like this. And here's Jody's notation for the tune, in D; I've also attached the PDF. In the video, he's playing a G/D Anglo, but it works just as well in G on a C/G. In the video Jody is playing it in D on a C/G (Thanks for the correction, Blue Eyed Sailor). I'm eager to hear how English and duet concertinists interpret this dance tune. As usual, feel free to give the tune your own imprint; the goal isn't slavish imitation. And the goal certainly isn't perfection. We're all in this forum to benefit from the discipline of practicing and recording and the helpful feedback we get from others. Have fun! hop_and_skip.pdf
  4. Lewes Saturday Folk Club Workshop No 199 JODY KRUSKAL US OLD-TIME & VINTAGE MUSIC for all concertina systems www.jodykruskal.com Saturday 15th. November 2014 10.45 a.m.- 4.45 p.m. Places £35 Elephant & Castle White Hill Lewes BN7 2DJ Direct from Brooklyn NY, Jody is a master of the unruly Anglo concertina, squeezing out vintage US tunes & songs that are hilarious, gritty & true - about train wrecks, wrecked marriages, Death Row convicts, lonesome lovers, heroes, losers, braggarts & idlers, often with strong bluesy flavours & fine choruses. The workshop will present a few American old-time songs & tunes for learning, simple techniques to get that American sound & develop elements of style & accompaniment. Also, participants are asked to prepare a song or tune of their choice (it doesn’t have to be American) to present to the group. Some music will be sent out in advance. JODY KRUSKAL PERFORMS AT LEWES SATURDAY FOLK CLUB IN THE EVENING (£7; advance tickets available from address at the end of this post and from the club website) Provisional Timetable 10.45 Registration & coffee; order lunch (refreshments not included) 11.00 Learn a few American old-time tunes that sound great on any squeezebox. 12.30 Lunch 13.30 American style & accompaniment techniques that fit the new tunes we’ve learned. 15.00 Tea/coffee 15.15 - 16.45 Everyone gets a chance to present a tune or song for creative comments & suggestions. N.B. Booking is recommended as numbers are limited. Maps & accommodation lists will be sent on request. JODY KRUSKAL US OLD-TIME & VINTAGE MUSIC for all concertina systems Saturday 15th. November 2014 BOOKING FORM I enclose a cheque for £35.00 for workshop fees (refreshments not included). Name: Address: Concertina system: No. of tickets for evening performance (£7 each, include SAE for these): Telephone: E-mail address: Tick for map: Tick for accommodation list: Please make cheques payable to Lewes Saturday Folk Club and send with this booking form to: Valmai Goodyear, 20, St. John's Terrace, LEWES, East Sussex BN7 2DL Tel. (01273) 476757 valmaigoodyear@aol.com www.lewessaturdayfolkclub.org/
  5. For anyone that didn't know or might have missed it, Mike Harding featured a track by Jody Kruskal on his folk show last night: http://www.mixcloud.com/mikeharding10/the-mike-harding-folk-show-number-80/ Great to hear some old-time concertina. Dean
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