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Found 14 results

  1. Lachenal Edeophone 61 key Maccann duet concertina s/n 3741 This concertina requires some restoration work but it will make a very fine and valuable instrument when this is done. The issues are as follows: There are 3 keys that require work, one on the right hand side and two on the left. The 7 fold bellows has two pin hole leaks but otherwise look to be in good condition. The straps are new but one has the threaded fixing screw missing. There is no box with this concertina. Please see the accompanying pictures for more details. Should you have any questions then I will do my best to answer them. Worldwide shipping is available at cost subject to local customs restrictions / charges. Price = £900 ovno
  2. I thought you might enjoy seeing & hearing a quick sound sample on my newly acquired 56-button 1904 Edeophone Baritone from https://concertinashop.com.au/ Thanks to proprietor (and now friend) PJ Cullen for his excellent service, brilliant packaging, and almost daily communication, it was one of my most enjoyable business dealings ever. PJ was a delight to talk to and the quality of the Edeophone is beyond my expectations. For anyone hesitant to buy from so far away: The concertina spent more time in US customs and the local USPS Distribution network, than in flight from Australia. The added bonus was that the instrument had no Duty on it (either because of being over 100 years old, or perhaps the Australian-US Free Trade Agreement). The 5 lb+ beast has really rapid action, great air retention, and a voice that rattles the windows. Really looking forward to getting to know it (just a few valves to set right). Looking forward to making some videos of it in action. SEE MORE AT THIS DROPBOX LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/i5lofidbbd1yjobp9n9g0/AG3cvIuctpmyNHXehpLB9qw?rlkey=69a5q3urtcv1j4uk1s83do1bi&dl=0
  3. I'm selling my Lachenal Edeophone Crane Duet (Triumph) Concertina. Ebony ends, nickle buttons, steel reeds. 55 - keys Serial number 3850 which I think dates it to early 1930s Revalved, re padded and tuned by Mike Acott about 15 years ago and hasn't really been played much since. Has just been sat in cupboard. (I'm an anglo player) Comes with original case which needs strap and clasp repaired. It looks nicer in the flesh than it does in the photos due to reflections. For any more information please text or WhatsApp 07885 265925 PRICE £2500
  4. Lachenal Edeophone Maccann duet concertina s/n 2654, brown leather 9 fold bellows, gold plated raised metal ends and amboyna woodwork. Serial number 2654 would make it around 1907 I think. The bellows are airtight, 6 keys only work in one direction and one silent key. This concertina comes without a box. If you have any questions then please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Price £2,700 o.n.o.
  5. Has anyone seen a "Dinkie" pictured on an Edeophone, it appears to be specially made to sit on top of the G & F buttons, the only thing I can think of is that it provides a drone. This is on a 56 button made about 1914
  6. I am am parting with a couple of rare boxes, one is a 19th century and one 20th century. The early one is in top order and has the reed pans chambered on both sides with the inner baffles. It would suit a singer as the tone is excellent and and even in response and volume. The later one is an Edeophone which can be varied in tone and volume it has a riveted action six fold bellows and a fret pattern I have never seen before. It has 58 keys and on the left end has a low F and F# button. Both are fully restored and in concert pitch. Please see the photos attached. I can send more information or pictures on request - if you're really interested please email me. MikeAcott
  7. This is a superb Edeophone tenor treble, numbered 54648. Its a 56 key instrument, extended downwards from a standard treble so that the lowest note, on the right hand side,is C below middle C. It's fitted with air levers on both ends. Im selling this on behalf of a friend who bought it from Barleycorn concertinas a few years back. It had been comprehensively restored (Dave Elliots stamp appears inside) with new pads, valves and thumbstraps. The external woodwork has been superbly renovated and polished and the instrument tuned to modern concert pitch. Its 7 across the flats (possibly made as a band instrument?), with the original 6-fold bellows, which are in excellent condition. It has the brass fittings on the bellows frame to allow wrist (or neck) straps to be fitted, but without the correct sized fixing screws to go with them. Comes complete with a hard case. As you would expect, this is an exceptionally good playing instrument. Asking £3,000 feel free to contact me for more pictures or to arrange to come and view/play. I will arrange fully insured shipping as required, likely to be around £25 in the UK, and negotiable elsewhere in the world.
  8. I have come up with a compact device that helps prevent edeos rolling off table tops. It consists of a ring of cordage, currently 6mm diameter but better to be a bit more, that is placed on the table for the concertina to sit in (see photos). It is not foolproof at the current cordage size but gives a great deal of stability, is very light and fits easily in the bag or box. Dick.
  9. Does anybody know how they make the raised ends, or domed keyboards, on wooden ended Edeophones etc? I'm guessing they either used a steam press to bend a flat piece, or carved the shape from a thicker flat piece. But that's just guesswork. It's hard to tell by looking. Anybody know for sure?
  10. Hello, I'm at Whitby Folk Festival all week, performing with James Patterson and then With Alma Fiddle band. I have three English concertinas with me that are for sale. Tenor Edeopone - just restored by Colin Dipper. Lovely 1920's model, in modern pitch and with silver capped keys. Excelsior - just renovated by Colin Dipper Raised ended Wheatstone played by Ron Marks. Please contact me for more details and prices. I am also at Towersey Festival on Sunday as well.
  11. I am selling my father's Lachenal Edeophone 48 button treble concertina, which he used in the Salvation Army. It is a twelve sided instrument with wooden fretwork ends and 6 fold bellows, complete with original case. This is an opportunity to buy a top of range English concertina. It has a serial number 58850, which means it was made in about 1922. It is being sold as is, and has three buttons without sound, a re-attached right finger slide and a broken lock on the case. I am located in Australia and am looking for a fair offer. If you are local you could come and try it out, but I can't play it to do a demo! Please contact me for any further information. Sallyann
  12. I have just dug out my father's concertina which he owned and played as a Salvation Army officer from the 1940's. I don't know anything about concertinas but have become interested as I realise that his is in good condition. It is a Lachenal Edeophone with 48 buttons and has a serial number of 58850. The leather box looks original too. Can someone tell me approximately when it may have been made and if it is valuable now?
  13. This is one of the early Edeophones, as you can see by its retention of the Oval and Diamond cartouches from the New Model range, rather than the scrolls you normally find. It also has aluminium reed shoes which, as far as I can tell, make no difference at all to the sound (loud and sweet as you would expect of a wooden-ended Eddie) but do make it surprisingly light. Restoration has included new pads, valves, bushings and dampers. Woodwork has been repaired and re-finished, bellows re-bound, new straps fitted, and it has been tuned to modern concert pitch. It also comes with its original case, still serviceable after about 120 years. I'm looking for £1900, but will always consider interesting trade-ins.
  14. I'm regretfully selling my Lachenal Edeophone treble EC. It dates back to the late 1920s and was beautifully restored in 2013 by Bill Crossland who mentioned that it had belonged to the wife of a Salvation Army missionary working in Cuba in the 20s and 30s. I've had it exactly a year during which time it has been played regularly but cosseted and has never left the house. It has a beautiful tone, is in tune (modern tuning) and looks wonderful with no issues. It has ebonised, French polished ends with no cracks. The bellows have 6 folds and are airtight. It has the original leather case, in poor condition and held together by black tape. I've kept it in a hard case which is not for sale. I'm selling purely to raise money for other projects and also because I feel it needs a better player than me to get the best out of it. I have a second concertina of inferior quality which meets my needs and can't justify keeping 2 excellent instruments. The asking price is £1,600 or the equivalent in euros, which includes postage within Europe. I'm not looking to make a profit and this just covers what I have put into it. Anyone interested who lives near La Rochelle in Western France, or is here on holiday, is welcome to visit to try it out. I can also send more photos and a basic soundfile. Dean
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