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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Looking for some help on copyright issues. But first some brief background. About 9 months ago, I heard Andy Cuttings’ Flatworld, and really liked it and decided to learn it on my Duet concertina, and naturally I developed an accompaniment for it. This was done by ear. I played it, mastered it, enjoyed it, and then moved on. As time tends to do, I forgot about the tune and then a few day ago remembered and tried to play it, but to my “horror” I had forgotten much of it - and I had not written anything down! I was not about to let this one slip so with some work I pieced it back together again, and just in case, wrote the whole thing down. As I was doing this, and using various music from the web, I was surprised that my rendition has some modifications that seemed to work well with me. I also noted that no music of Flatworld on the web was identical either. So, here is my issue. I have been playing the concertina for about 6 years now and am getting ready to put some of my music on the web to share with the concertina world and I desire to make my particularly notations available as well. I’m just not clear as to what is OK and what is not OK in a case like this. The melody is Andy’s! But various chord progressions, modifications, involved a lot of work by myself. So, is it OK to post the music if Andy is clearly identified as author of the tune. For example, I am looking at some random music now that has: HEIRHICH SCHUTZ (1585 -1672) Arranged and edited by Walter Ehret Would it be appropriate in this case to credit like this: ANDY CUTTING Arraigned and edited by N. Ways If you are familiar with these issues, any help would be great !! I also have several hymns that I have done similarly. Thanks in advance !!
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