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Found 7 results

  1. A version of Clyde Water / The Mother's Malison, recorded live at the Black Diamond Folk Club in Birmingham, 27th May 2016. The tune is the Berwick version collected from the McEwen brothers, the words broadly from Nic Jones. Played on Jeffries duet in the key of E. https://soundcloud.com/lachenaliamusic/clyde-water-the-mothers-malison-roud-91-child-216
  2. I recently took up this lovely and catchy broadsheet ballad once again, thereby hopefully implementing some good advice from fellow musicians (starting with raising the pitch by two semitones): Now The Tyrant Hath Stolen Please comment, I'd appreciate that! Best wishes - Wolf (typo corrected)
  3. So here's another tune revisited, in fact my very first "great" English ballad (which I compiled and recorded for the first time back in February 2014 as it turned out): Barbara Allen Once again, pitch raised by two semitones, more breath... Best wishes - Wolf Stuart - thank you again for this great version (as to the tune, and harmonies in particular)!
  4. A work-in-progress recording of Willie of the Winsbury / Willie o' Winsbury, depending on what you want to call it. Again, if you don't like insistent drones, this might not appeal https://soundcloud.com/lachenaliamusic/willie-of-the-winsbury My version is compiled from those of Anne Briggs, Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer, and Sharron Kraus, Meg Baird and Helena Espvall. The arrangement is probably closest to that of Sharron Kraus & co. - although I've kept closer to the outline of Anne Briggs's tune. Lyrically it's mostly Briggs with various alterations caused by lapses of memory. Played on my Jeffries duet concertina. I intend to work this up into another long-form interpretation like my version of Barbara Allen, incorporating more improvisation.
  5. Hi everyone, some new recordings to be announced: Bold Fisherman - one of my favourite Sussex sing-along song​ ​ On Raglan Road - from the repertoire of Luke Kelly and Van Morrison Black Nag and 3/4 version of "Star of the County Down" (instrumental) . Thanks go to to Adrian for pointing me to The Black Nag (Playford) and suggesting to waltz out the Irish tune as played in the same key of Dmin (which changed my arrangement a lot; will record the original Amin version, or the song, later). Best pentecostal wishes - Wolf
  6. After a bunch of instrumental tracks here is a classic ballad: Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor There's unevitably some disturbing of vocals and accompaniment, but as it's live music I'm into I'll have to handle it, and guess I did to some extent. See my soundcloud for more details... As always, feedback much appreciated! Best - Wolf
  7. Since having recorded and posted this 24 hours ago with hardly any notice I came to the conclusion that if I'd like people to listen to a recording of my own I'd have to start a new thread (which I initially didn't because my take was meant as a reply to Stuart Estell, whose version blew me away). I have to repeat myself: didn't want to improve on that but felt compelled to adopt the lovely Mixolydian version from his and adapt it to my style of self-accompaniment which is (as the interested of you might know by this time) mainly playing melody with chords in a sort of dense, rhythmic and repetetive manner. => Barbara Allen I can't of course expect anybody to comment or even listen to my recordings and don't want to be understood like this. It's just that the meter overthere at the soundcloud clearly indicates to me (in comparism against former recordings of mine) that I have not reached the likely audience as yet. My conclusion for the time being is: Calling attention for a new recording requires separate announcement (thank you Jim that you already got there however!). If anyone should feel embarrassed please ignore this and/or or bear with me my enthusiasm for concertina and folk music. Again - any comment appreciated. It's a work in progress with some flaws anyway...
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