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  1. Three reels composed by Carl Hession, featuring Maura O'Connor on Concertina. Grace Broadhead on Fiddle, and Carl Hession on Piano.
  2. EVENT CANCELED DUE AIR QUALITY ISSUES. The duo 2 Many Buttons is performing at the FDA Farmers Market in Washington, DC on Friday, June 9th. 11:00 - 1:00 Come by, say hello
  3. hi, i just register the account. i like this lovely instrument.there are three kinds concertina can be learned. it seems that the duet concertina is the most versatile.however, it dont become the most popular. I used to use an Anglo concertina and now have an English concertina. I wonder if there are some downsides to the duet concertina. I am from China. my friend share some knowledge with me .but he doesn't care the duet . luli
  4. Reposting this as I am still looking to sell a Jeffries concertina as above. In C/G with 26 keys, making it a lighter instrument. It's also very loud making this an excellent choice for a morris musician. The accidentals are C#/ Eb A/G Ab/Bb on the Left hand and Eb/C# Ab/G C#/Bb on the Right. Assessed by a knowledgeable friend as in good working order. Looking for around £3600 Please see pictures as attached and feel free to ask any more questions, many thanks Jo, Sheffield UK
  5. Here is variation number 7 from [ Goldberg Variations].. I copied it into my collection many years ago; and only really use it for a practice piece. It works quite nicely on Concertina [I believe] with its lilting rhythm; and is technically manageable, and also nice to play. I find simple chords to add as I go along, which are straightforward and easy to find. Overall, therefore, the music is a nice piece for any collection.
  6. In flagrant disregard for the obvious anachronism... here's a new book, Pirate Songs for Concertina, with nearly 70 songs and tunes. All include standard musical notation, lyrics, and tablature for the Anglo concertina. It's available through Amazon US, UK, DE, ES, IT, FR, CA, etc., and perhaps soon at the Button Box (US) and Red Cow Music (UK). I've had a few requests for a nautically themed book, but with all the recent pirate-themed movies, TV shows and online games it just made sense to go full-on piratical for this one. And who knows, perhaps fans of some of those shows and games will be interested in picking up and learning the real thing? Some songs have harmonies and accompaniments, some are just single note melody, and one song can even be played with only two buttons of the Anglo. Also threw in a couple of hornpipes and jigs. About 80% can be played on a 20-button Anglo, and most have a small graphic showing which buttons are needed for each tune. And the best, and most fun, part of writing this book? The writin' all be in pirate-speak. Aye, 'tis tempting indeed to give up speakin' and writin' proper English fer good! Here's a sample that includes the Table of Contents plus a couple of the songs. Hope you enjoy, Gary Pirate-Songs-SAMPLE.pdf
  7. Following the pattern of the successful Melodeon Playgroup we've decided to launch the Anglo Concertina Playgroup. An online series of accessible workshops for beginners. 25th October 2020 Basic concertina instruction: Playing along the rows Chords Playing across the rows http://angloconcertinaplaygroup.org/workshops
  8. 2Many Buttons consists of Jim Besser on Anglo Concertina and Randy Stein on English Concertina. This is from a virus compliant distance rehearsal today in my condo complex.
  9. I am very new to playing the concertina, and am having trouble with the right hand being too quiet when playing an accompanying chord on the left hand. The left hand notes always seem to overpower the right when played in unison. If there is already a conversation about this, I welcome the link. I am trying to figure out if it is a. Human error b. Flaw/damage in instrument c. Both a and b d. Normal. and what I can do to remedy it. Thanks!
  10. Despite popular demand here is another tune from Jim Besser and me as 2ManyButtons duo. Again I apologize for the missed appropriated notes. Just too many buttons. Xotes Romanes is part half gypsy, half klezmer, half dance tune. Jim is playing his C/G Lachenal/Dipper 30 button Anglo. This is from a rehearsal last Sunday. https://soundcloud.com/concertinist/xotes-romanes-2manybuttons
  11. Jim Besser and I have been playing together now for close to a decade finding ways to blend his amazing talent on the Anglo with me on the EC. We recently regrouped back into playing as a duo with our new endeavor, 2ManyButtons. Jim is playing a Morse ESB baritone C/G Anglo. I am playing a 1937 Wheatstone 4 octave. This is from a recent rehearsal and I excuse any misdirected notes....to many fingers on too many buttons. https://soundcloud.com/concertinist/nadiejda-2manybuttons
  12. Squeezers In Concert Friday, May 5 7:30-10 pm at Seekers Church $20 nonmembers, $10 members The Squeezers, a trio of veterans of the Washington Folk Festival, FSGW Midwinter Festival and Takoma Porch, are a “genre-defying” squeezebox trio squeezing tunes of the world from bellows-and-reed instruments of the world. Traditional Morris tunes, French bal-folk dances, Jazz standards, tango and original arrangements of traditional music highlight the versatility of these cross-cultural instruments and artists. Sarah Murdoch-Vocalist From old murder ballads to Nina Simone by way of old-time gospel, Sarah Murdoch’s voice is both sweet and mighty, like a steam locomotive burning daffodils. She is a New York singer and actor; a regular of NYC pub sings, you’ll also remember her voice and style if you’ve attended Youth Trad Song Weekend in the past two years.
  13. SOLD 30-button Anglo Concertina, key C/G with case. I bought it for my husband around 20 years ago at a shop in San Francisco and he has never played it and it doesn't have any brand name on it. Perfect condition: $150 Best, Lily obrienlily@gmail.com
  14. Appearing at DC Folk Music Festival in Glen Echo Park THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Bill Brown– Vocals Saturday June 4th, 2016 4:00 PM on the Yurt Village Stage http://fsgw.org/myorgnet/public.php?Org=fsgw&ProgramID=10&NoTitle=1
  15. *NOW PURCHASED A CONCERTINA SO NO LONGER LOOKING, THANKS* Ok, I'm looking for a CG or GD Anglo between £1000 and £2000. I would like an instrument that has no problems and is in tune please. Anything considered so it could be an old Lachenal or a modern accordion-reeded hybrid instrument. I'm looking for a three-row concertina with a minimum of 30 buttons. If you have anything that you think I might be interested in, please get in touch - even if it's a bit cheaper than my budget! Many Thanks Les
  16. Episode Four! I'm now 2 weeks into teaching myself the Anglo. https://youtu.be/N030nWaL-NM In today's blog I talk about (and play) two tunes - Boys Of The Town and The Lilting Banshee. I also discuss a bit of DIY tuning of my Rosetti Rambler!!
  17. I've been learning the Anglo for about a week and a half and I although I'm still really into my English boxes I have to say that I'm absolutely hooked and want to move up from my two budget 20 button boxes, the better of which is a Hohner D40. Much as I'd love a £3K+ Wheatstone, Jeffries or similar, I simply don't have that kind of money. I guess the figure that I could justify is around £1,000 - £1,200 which was what I paid for each of my English concertinas (an old Lachenal and a Marcus) which I think are both wonderful instruments. So the question I'm asking is, what should I be looking for in my price-range? Ideally, I'd like a Lachenal but I suppose this would be a bit dearer than this. I guess I should go straight to 30 buttons or more now yes? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Les
  18. Stagi Anglo "Gremlin", 30button C/G concertina in excellent condition. There is a hard shell case included. I've had if for a couple of years, but have played it very little because I was tempted by another concertina and ended up buying both in a relatively short time. For now, one seems sufficient. There is a slight press mark on one side, but you would have to look very close to ever see it. The concertina is black, if you would like to see pictures I can email you or text them to you. $1165 new. Asking $450.
  19. Best 20 button anglo i have ever seen! Price Reduction! Antique Crabb anglo concertina; fully refurbished. For pics please call/text at 520-488-6932 or email nancyseansell1@hotmail.com New bellows, wood ends, rivetted action, steel reeds, metal buttons with bushing, fast, quiet action. ' All the characteristics of the best 30 button anglo 'tinas out there...but has 20 buttons instead of standard 30. This is an awesome 'tina for beginner's, as the price i am selling at is pretty low, but the button set up, button placement, playability, 'tina action, and sound quality is exactly like the best 30 buttons out there... What a great way to start for someone new to concertina... and, when you are ready, you can make an absolutely smooth transition to a more expensive (same high quality) 30 button 'tina down the road...you wont have to compensate for bigger buttons, buttons in strange alignment and/or spacing, and/or your fingering being different--- as this 20 button is an exact match to a standard high quality 30 button anglo---.it just has the 20 buttons, instead of 30.. Also, would be fun for an experienced player to take camping or to play around with, with just the 20 button basic set up...Comes with quality soft gig bag. Basically, this is identical to some of the best 30 button anglos out there...but it is, uniquely, a 20 button anglo...
  21. I am selling my Kensington anglo concertina. It is Numer 048 which I got from David Levine who purchased it from Dana Johnson in March, 2012. It is in perfect, like new condition. It comes in the original hard case – also in excellent condition – and with the original tool-kit that Dana provides with every concertina. It plays beautifully, is in perfect tune, and is a lovely instrument in every respect. I am asking 2.750€ for it but I am also open for reasonable offers. Shipping and insurance will be extra. Dana’s website, with more pictures, is http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/ Here is an excellent discussion about the instrument, from 2005: http://www.concertin...?showtopic=3004and here is the link to Davids post http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16149&hl=kensington Any questions? info(at)at-work.de
  22. Appearing at St Elmo’s Coffee Pub THE SQUEEZERS Jim Besser - Anglo Concertina Gus Voorhees - Melodeon Randy Stein - English Concertina Wednesday December 10, 2014 8:00 — 10:00 PM St Elmo’s Coffee Pub 2300 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA (in the heart of Del Ray) https://www.facebook.com/DCsqueezers
  23. For anyone that didn't know or might have missed it, Mike Harding featured a track by Jody Kruskal on his folk show last night: http://www.mixcloud.com/mikeharding10/the-mike-harding-folk-show-number-80/ Great to hear some old-time concertina. Dean
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