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Found 1 result

  1. I'm reluctantly advertising my 1938 Wheatstone Aeola Extended Baritone English concertina, serial no. 34992. It is in very good condition, in tune at modern concert pitch, has rust-free steel reeds in brass shoes and raised ebony, or ebonized, ends. With 60 buttons + air and starting at the low baritone G on the right-hand side, I've been informed by a helpful forum member that it is an "extended baritone" rather than a baritone-treble. What it means is that the notes on the spaces of the stave are on the left-hand side and those on the lines are on the right. I can send a note chart that I made. The instrument has had an interesting life having spent years in Bolivia where the EC amazingly plays an important role in folk music. It was owned and restored by possibly the country's only concertina repairer who did a very good job. The casework is crack-free and nicely refinished in a satiny finish. The chrome has been rubbed off the badges and relatively new 7-fold bellows have been fitted which are nicely supple and completely leak-tight. The thumb straps appear to be quite new and no wrist straps have ever been fitted. All I've had to do since acquiring the instrument from the former owner's brother who lives in Paris is replace all the pads as they had dried out and certain valves, all of which were sourced from S. Dickinson at Wheatstone's in England. I have also adjusted the fit of a few reed shoes in their housings with paper. Any worries about effects of the Bolivian climate, or insects, on the instrument were unfounded. It does not have a riveted action but it is still very responsive and also has an excellent dynamic range. It comes in a solid case - possibly the original but it has been customised. I can supply photos and a couple of basic sound files to any potentially interested parties. I'm advertising it at below what might be expected of such a quality instrument because it hasn't been restored by one of the few recognised restorers in Europe or the US but I have had no problems with it at all and am confident that it's next owner will be very happy with it. In case anyone is wondering why I sell so many instruments on here after a relatively short ownership, I'd just like to say it's my hobby. I was self-employed for many years and when times were good I invested in quality instruments (not just concertinas), which I enjoy and sell on again after enjoying them when I need to raise cash, as I do now. I've found I don't lose out with the quality vintage instruments I buy. That's not the case with modern or cheaper ones! In view of the uncertainty surrounding the new CITES regulations to come in on January 2nd, I think I'd better restrict this sale to Europe. I'm looking for 2,400 pounds or the euro equivalent which includes Paypal fees. Thanks for reading this long ad. and don't hesitate to PM me if you'd like any more information. I'd be happy to arrange a Skype call, phone call or better still, a personal visit. If sold here, I'll make the usual contribution to Cnet. Dean
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