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  1. Listen to me, my friend A 20 key anglo will frustrate the hell out of you. You are better off going here (or somewhere similar :-) http://yueweimusic.en.alibaba.com/product/309537444-209444901/100_Guaranteed_Concertina_musical_instrument.html You will need to pose as a dealer, looking for a sample or two! And don't let them screw you for the postage. In fact at their price maybe buy two so that you can use the second one for parts (when they fall off) At least you get a FULL instrument to mess with. Peter Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland
  2. Hi every Mad MacCann player! It is with great regret that after 40 years together my 67 key Wheatastone MacCann has to go. It could probably do with "younger fingers" It is in almost "as new condition", I am only the second owner and I expect the first 40 odd years of its life were spent in a cupboard somewhere. NOT with me though, I still play it! So the number is 29290 which puts it in the 1920's. I bought it from Harry and Neville Crabb (Liverpoopl Road, London N1) in the 1970's. They had just tuned it, but probably not refurbished it; no need! If any of you are interested you will need to email me so that I can invite you to my dropbox.com. I disassembled it to take the pictures which tell the full story of its condition. These are Hi Res photos so they will not "fit" here! pete_morrison@ML1.net
  3. Hi ... I have a 67 key for sale in very good condition ... more details and pics if you want. I have had it 40 years and am only its second owner.
  4. Hi All, I am trying to contact a Guy who once (10 years ago) had a trad musical instrument shop in Capel Street D7, but escaped to Ennis to build concertinas. I have not talked to him since he left Dublin but I guess he is on this site somewhere :-) My 67 MacCann needs a little attention and (apart perhaps Steve Dickinson) there are few people I would trust with it. If anyone knows him please pass him my email pete_morrison@ML1.net TIa Peter
  5. Hi Geoff, You absolutely correct, the number is 29290, by copy '...Box', No pics yet as I rarely take the thing apart. I want to avoid the ebay crooks cattlemarket, so I am offering it to the players first. To me it is useless to leave it in someones trophy cabinet. Metal buttons, Raised metal ends, Red gauze under the fretwork (keeps the moths out :-)). Perfect inside.
  6. HI all you players! I really did not want to have to write this, but I am out of cash. I have a 67 Wheatstone McCann for sale. The number is 20290, which puts her about 1920's. Here is her story. In the 1970's I was mad into concertinas, and used to spend many hours talking to Harry, Neville, and his brother about them up at Liverpool Road, Islington, London. I had no money at the time but in the end Neville said to me "this is the best you will find". So I went to the bank and they lent me the money. The first thing I ever owned!. I believe that I am only the second owner. I think that for the first 40 years of her life she sat on a shelf somewhere in London. Since then she has been played constantly. Neville said "get her tuned every 15 years". I did not; she is still in tune today (one or two of the top notes need tweaking but I will leave that to an expert. From here in Donegal that means I would have to take it down to yer man in Ennis who is the only one I would trust - and is probably reading this). The thing is that after 40 years together I want her to find a good home. She needs to be played. OK so Tommy Williams said that a 72 is "ideal", but it is rare that I have the need to 'cross over' for a lower chord. Any flaws? Yes, two. 20 years ago one of the thumb screws sheared off and I have not been brave enough to drill it out and find another one; so it has been taped up since then. Next as I said one or two higher notes (in 'D') need tweeking. And the hasp on the original thick leather case needs replacing. Otherwise she is the same as she was when she came out of the Strand. The straps are as new. I bought them from Steve Dickinson at a folk festival in Oxfordshire back in the 1980's. If there is any interest I will take her apart and do the photos etc. otherwise not. BTW I will NOT trust a courier; only hand delivery. And I have a large reserve price. Keep Playing guys Peter Morrison Ballyshannon, Donegal
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