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  1. we’ve agreed not to share the price, but yes, it was not 6K, that won’t be reasonable 🙂
  2. So, we have finally met, the guy is real 🙂as well as the concertina. It is 38key Bb/F in old pitch, not much playable now - missing handstraps, out of tune, some a bit rusty reeds, cracked action board on RH (few ghosty notes at a time) and other leaks (pads, valves need to be replaced). Those notes on LH (without crack) sound promising, difficult to judge RH. I have bought it to bring it to playing condition, though it will take some time and money, will post pictures and recording when the project is completed.
  3. Yes, I will meet with the seller (hopefully next week) and will post some update here on the forum. I own Jeffries, which I've bought through this forum from Paul Read and which has been restored by Colin Dipper, so I believe I am able to judge the condition, playability and estimate the overhaul price. Surprisingly I can still read cyrillic (learned before Velvet revolution in 1989) and even though Ukrainian is different language, I understand enough to trust the seller is genuine.
  4. PM sent, I am from Czech republic and can meet in person in Prague
  5. Tazzy

    Dipper Anglo

    just wait, John is very busy, but will surely reply (my experience)
  6. I use pair of these (actually there is "A" in the model type, can't find link to it in english) and am quite happy with the sound. http://www.yoga.com.tw/en/2-2000-39706/product/Instrument-microphone-EM-712-id222319.html
  7. maybe I am suspicious, but is it genuine? the stamp looks different compared to for example: http://www.concertina.net/forums/uploads/monthly_07_2013/post-6213-0-56174700-1373514524.jpg as well as from what I remember the Praed street addresses used where 102, 23 and 11 and the tuning should be either F/C or F#/C#
  8. bump, lowered price to £1900
  9. Bump, open to sensible offers. Last Connor here went for £1,750 and that was Lachenal reeded. Mine is with John Connor's reeds which is more expensive when new and this one is like new :-) My wife got recently interested in melodeon, so adding one row four stop as trade in option.
  10. I bought this instrument last year hoping my wife or some of the kids might learn it, but none of them did. I have Jeffries for my own playing, so this should go to a home, where will be played. I am looking for £2100 + shipping from Czech republic. It is few years old, but still feels like new to me. Jeffries layout and C/F (pull/push) on left thumb. I discussed this instrument with John Connor himself and from the better end grills and gold tooled bellows this is his Jeffries copy. No need to mention, this one has traditional reeds. Few pictures and video being played here, I can post more or play it for you over Skype if you like. I might consider left-handed keyed flute as a trade-in. https://youtu.be/FRwDiL5HIhg
  11. From pictures I guess the one that went today was in better condition. But agree with 38 buttons might add to value, as well as the period - "C.Jeffries maker" period seems to be better than "Praed street". Knowing the key of the instrument and state of the reeds will be crucial, otherwise it is a lottery for a big sum.
  12. You were right - 2900 to internet buyer. Makes no sense to me, there are/were two Linotas for sale here - recently serviced and tuned for less. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16925&hl=linota http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wheatstone-Linota-C-G-30-Button-Anglo-concertina-/251644252266?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=3QVqVVmqTW56melD2M2CF4aOUjU%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  13. some details on R.Carr here http://www.lvcott.fsnet.co.uk/others.htm#Carr and "...I have handled a number of concertinas labelled R Carr.They are usually very substantial and thus weighty.As well as suggestions that R Carr was a moonlighting Jeffries employee Crabb's may have made concertinas which bear that name...." from http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2999
  14. Since I bought C/G Jeffries recently (thanks Paul Read), I am selling two instruments I played before to cover the purchase. One is beautiful professional model from Edgley with wooden ends, C/G Wheatstone layout and lovely mellow sound. It was finished last December and is broken in now. It is great responsive instrument and difficult to part with. Selling for 2100 Euro or any reasonable offer. I am from Czech republic so anyone in Europe will avoid VAT and import taxes. Second is beginners instrument from Hohner, 30key C/G with Wheatstone layout. Enough to give you idea what is the anglo concertina about and I prefere it over Rochelle. Going to sell for 250 Euro. Postage is covered by buyer. PM or email me at tomas.pergler (at) gmail.com for more infos.
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