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  1. It was a number of years ago that I ordered my Marcus Tina's so not too sure how long it took to get them but think it was around 3 to 4 months. You will need to contact them to find out the current situation. i found them very efficient and helpfull.
  2. My first new concertina was a Marcus DG followed soon after by a Marcus CG. I found them both excellent for what I wanted to do and I still have them and use them occasionally. I am in Callander not far from you and would be happy to arrange to meet up so that you can try them out. PM me if you think this would be useful to you.
  3. I have been playing my 7mount G/D which I collected from Ralf nearly 2 years ago. Lovely looking instrument which plays really well and has been admired by several of my musician friends at sessions that I go to. Would not hesitate to go back to them if I needed a new concertina as the service I received was excellent. David W
  4. I picked up my new 7Mount G/D concertina from Ralf early in December. We were made very welcome at his home in Watchberg when I visited to collect the box with my family in tow while on a holiday staying with my son in Brussels. Have been able to start playing in the new box when we returned from our European tour and must say that I am very impressed with the instrument. It looks really good and plays very well. Fast action and a wonderful sound, bright and clear especially when on the D row. Its first outing at our weekly session in Stirling was a bit of a surprise to me. This session can be very hectic and noisy with usually several guitarists present along with quite a few fiddles and accordions. Most join in with a tune when it has been started by someone, even if not well known to them. A couple of weeks before Christmas, the first time I took the 7mount box along, I was asked to start a set of tunes. I decided to play a set of waltzes starting with a lovely tune written by a local fiddle player and teacher called "Rest and be Thankful", which I thought others in the room would know. To my surprise having got started I realised that the room had fallen silent and remained so while I played. This was so unusual that I could not get into the other tunes in the set. When I finished received lots of lovely comments about the sound of the concertina and how nice it looked. It was at this point that I realised that my gamble in buying an unseen or heard in person, new box was a success. The only down side to the whole experience was the price increase since ordering due to the fall in the pounds value since the EU referendum. Even this has not changed my opinion that the 7Mount Concertina is a fine instrument obtainable in a reasonable period of time and good value for the money paid. Would try a post some photographs of it if able to fathom out how to on this forum.
  5. Ieting discussions above about the suitability of a 39 key Maccan which I do not intend to comment on. I am however inerested in Duets having been lent a 62 key Wheatstone which I am battling with at the moment as a change from my Anglos. I have just returned from a trip to Worthing as the "Boss" wanted to visit a fabric shop so I thought would go and have a look at this Lachenal that was for sale. Following are my findings. The best thing about the item was the box, a nice bit of wood, well lined with a velvety material in which the instrument fitted very well. The bellows looked Ok as well. As to the rest of it not so good. Many of the buttons stuck so looks like the action needs a lot of work, the notes were not in tune with each other and not to concert pitch and after a bit of playing to try and get a tune out of it several stuck open. Not an instrument I would be interested in acquiring. Hope above is of some use if any one is thinking of making a bid.
  6. Morning Steve If you are only in Winchester for this week not too many options. Plenty on last week? Winchester Folk club at the Railway near, the station, may have an event tonight but their session night is usually on the first Tuesday of the month. A friendly club in Bishops Waltham, Nonsuch F C, has a meeting tonight which I may attend and take my boxes with me. I play for King Johns Morris who have a joint music session with the Riverside folk club at "The Junction" in Southampton on Thursday night. Unfortunantly I will not be able to collect you and take you there as I am going to see Show of Hands in Basingstoke. If you PM me then could meet you on Wednesday for a chat and a pint and maybe find a friendly Pub to play a few tunes together. Regards David W
  7. First posting to the site so hope I have got it correct. Off on Holiday to coast near Alnwick at the weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of suitable sessions or clubs worth visiting if I decide to take my Concertina with me. Any suggestions greatfully received.
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