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  1. I came across a great documentaryon DVD titled "Playing the Concertina" @ 19,75€, via PayPal, purchased from " www.concertina-academy.com " . It contains interviews with Steve Dickinson of Wheatstone and Douglas Rogers at the Horniman Museum providing an historical reviews of concertinas from the earliest days through today. There is a segment dedicated to playing the Anglo (Hands on Music Weekend), and an interview with Pietro Valente and his music that should not be missed. One segment focuses on a method of taking your playing beyond mastery of the notes played. The documentary is loaded with wonderful music by Giulio Regondi, Pauline De Snoo and others. The playing techniques shown could constitute a Master Class.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts. Ardie suggests that I pose the following expansion to the topic "why most concertina buttons after 150 years still have uncomfortable 5mm diam while other pressbuttons (phones, computers, calculators,accordions..) have ideal 10-13(15)mm flat ( or even concave) ones".
  3. In the early days of Wheatstone English Concertinas, so I understand, the keys were flat on top. The keys at some point were changed to a domed top. Any ideas on when and why the change took place?
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