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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. After watching some YouTube videos and enlisting my husband's help we opened up the concertina. Nothing obviously wrong with the reed.  No lint, etc. Need a different screw diver to remove reed (doesn't just slide out) but for now will live with it as I don't need to use the notes for that button.

    Can you buy new reeds?

    Will probably try to get to Button Box in the Spring!

    1. Don Taylor

      Don Taylor

      I hope that your need of a different screwdriver is not because you think you should undo the clamp that holds the actual reed in its shoe.  If so then do not do it.


      Assuming the Suttner is concertina reeded then the shoe will slide out, but it may need quite a bit of force the first time.  (Also, I am assuming that you have pulled the reed pan out of the bellows frame?  If not, then no, you cannot slide the reed shoes out of the reed pan.  Plus, you cannot check the valve for the reed in question because it is on the inside of the reed pan).


      Before you do anything more to this concertina, I recommend that you buy Dave Elliot's book - https://www.amazon.com/Concertina-Maintenance-Manual-David-Elliott/dp/1899512675


      BTW.  It is more usual to post your questions in a new topic rather than in a status update.

    2. beryl


      Thank you for all your advice. Pulled out the reed shoe  and put it back in and Success!

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