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    Folk music, especially live. Spreading the traditions via workshops and concerts by arranging these in the West Midlands area of Shropshire - Welsh borders. Also love art, rural crafts and conservation
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    Shropshire, West Midlands on the Welsh Borders

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  1. Rees Wesson will be running a beginner's Anglo Concertina workshop (C/G) on Sunday 24th June at Gleanings Rural Study Centre in Shropshire. All welcome. More details here http://www.gleanings.co.uk/courses.htm
  2. Hi Steve.

    Geoff truelove....

  3. Thought you might like to know that Gleanings Centre in Shropshire has 3 concertina workshops with top musicians: Sat. 14th April - Concertina Song Accompaniment Workshop with STEVE TURNER (for all systems of concertina) Sun. 24th June - REES WESSON will be running an Anglo Concertina Beginner's Workshop Fri. 31st Aug - Sun. 2nd Sept - JOHN KIRKPATRICK will be running an Anglo Concertina Workshop for the more experienced players. Take a look at www.gleanings.co.uk for more information.
  4. Hi Chris -I don't know if you would be interested but there is a Beginners One-Day workshop for Anglo Concertina C/G at Gleanings in Shropshire on Sunday, 24th June with Rees Wesson. Take a look at the website: www.gleanings.co.uk
  5. Thought you might like to know that Steve Turner is running a One-Day Concertina Song Accompaniment Workshop at Gleanings Centre in Shropshire. Still a couple of places. See website for more details - www.gleanings.co.uk
  6. Steve Turner is running a One-Day Concertina Accompaniment Workshop in Shropshire on Saturday, 14th April and there are still some places. The workshop is for all systems of concertina and will be held at "Gleanings", which is situated in the South Shropshire Hills between Bishop's Castle and Minsterley. The cost of the day is £60 which includes all tuition, lunch, refreshments and snacks. Room to camp, caravan or campervan also local B&Bs. See website for full details and booking form: www.gleanings.co.uk There will also be a House Concert with Steve in Gleanings at 8pm - very limited numbers so booking essential.
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