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  1. That's it reported. Looks like they're hitting the states now.
  2. Was back up again for about 4 hours. I spotted it just now, reported it, and did some refreshes and it was delisted within the minute of my reporting. Good this seems to be working but would be better if ebay learnt not to rely on us. I do check concertina newly listed items like a nervous twitch, but that may not always be the case, and a few hours might be enough to hook someone in.
  3. At least in this case the scams are so obvious. I would not say this is necessarlily an indictment on ebay, just a caveat emptor and a warning to be vigilant which goes in any case when you are thinking of spending your heard-earned cash. Though you would think with 28 thousand employers they would be able to police it better! Remember, if it is too good to be true it probably isn't!
  4. Thanks Chris, quite a bit of work to do before getting it sounding at all (bellows are shot, trying a rebind first before biting the bullet), but I will certainly follow that advice when I do. In fact I do like the recordings I've heard of instruments that seem to have slightly different "voices" between reeds or reed rows, it all adds to the charm and beauty. Though I imagine what I am liking is the skilled playing of priceless instruments rather than differences in reed materials!
  5. Hey All, I am restoring an old 28 key Lachenal (c.1896). I knew it was one of the cheaper brass reeded instruments since there was no stamp visible on the handle to say otherwise, however on inspection there appears to be about dozen steel reeds present, with no obvious pattern to their positions. My questions is firstly if anyone else has had experience of this and can comment on the effect on the tone, i.e. will the steel reeds jump out awkwardly when playing tunes and is there any way to remedy this short of shopping around for spare brass reeds? Secondly, as a point of interest, does anyone know if this is something Lachenal did occasionally in the factory (say if they were using up odds and ends) or is it more likely the steel reeds were introduced as a later repair. They certainly look like they could have been in there for as long as the brass ones. Thanks!
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