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    roots music, musician for Kesteven Morris, member of Lonely Mister Punch Ceilidh Band, and I makefurniture for a living.
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  1. I'm not sure if you are aware of the Wheatstone in the Edinburgh collection? It looks almost identical to the one in the photos and dated 1858. The only difference I can see is the Edinburgh one has glass buttons. http://www.flickr.com/photos/14702822@N03/4523610320/ I have just bought a similar model on ebay and hope to do a full restoration on it. Hope I can do as good a job.
  2. Unfortunately it's going towards the daughters wedding!
  3. Gone!! for £4000.00 seems cheap to me but has gone to an excellent player and not a dealer.
  4. An Australian has started the ball rolling! What is he doing bidding at 2am? Good luck.
  5. It has been pointed out to me that the no returns clause might be putting people off so I have altered that. Please visiting the Ebay listing to check it out. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jeffries-anglo-concertina-/230771883768
  6. What a charming bloke and amazing player - that's why I'm selling, I should have started playing when I was 7 and maybe I could have been that good. Good luck Pat with your bidding.
  7. I've got 84 watchers on Ebay and no offers! Is everyone justing waiting to see what their Jeffries are worth or are they all waiting to bid in the last two minutes? I'm meeting with an interested possible buyer tomorrow so I'll let you all know how that goes.
  8. no problems, spread away.


  9. Hi Dave, Hope you don't mind me spreading your name around but they did ask. regards Lee Sinclair

  10. List of Daves reconditioning for this instrument: new valves, new pads, re-set up of action, some new springs, re- setting of reed pan shims as needed, replacement of the thin leather wrist straps, New heavy duty bellows and Jeffries papers,2 new end bolts,one reed to replace, A complete renewal of all dampers, And a complete renewal of all cross bushes.
  11. Yes, it was Dave Elliot. He repaded and gave the mechanism a good overhaul. The bellows were bought in, as Dave doesn't make bellows. As I say on the E-bay advert, they are "heavy duty" and are excellent. Lee
  12. Just search for Jeffries Anglo Concertina - it is there now! Only went on at 8pm last night and is on for ten days.
  13. I have taken the plunge and have advertised my C. Jeffries, 23 Praed St, 38 button anglo on E-bay. I have put a starting price of £3800.00 on it as I have just spent loads having it reconditioned! New heavy duty 7 fold bellows and tuned to modern pitch. It is F/Bb, I had hoped to have it tuned to G/C but I took advice that it is best to keep as original as possible. I hope some of you will bid and if you want more info let me know. Cheers
  14. In the price list it mentions "best nickel plated raised ends" on No 22 Treble as if this was unusual. Does that mean that most metal ends are flat? I ask because mine has a definite domed middle section where the buttons are. Probably about 6mm rise. OK just been looking around a bit and found the post about raised ends http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13946 Interesting, so it looks like another 5/- on the price!!
  15. I did play on an album a few years ago and this track shows off the baritone quite well. http://www.myspace.com/music/player?sid=5536187&ac=now I know the playing isn't brilliant, infact I'm not proud of the first bit, I didn't realise they were going to use the first take! The rich tone of the chords can be heard and I have to disagree about the volume, it certainly isn't quiet! I used to play it in the Dorrington Fen Concertina Orchestra back in the early 80's and it held its' own against all those trebles!
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