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  1. Does anyone have the sheet music for : "I'm a man you don't meet every day" aka jock stewart "The Foggy Dew" "Galway Races" I've tried midi's and abc files of these and used tabledit to get the notes but haven't been happy with the results - any help would be appreciated.
  2. Ok so here's my attempt at plotting some chords on the Jackie. I couldn't find any on the net so I had to make my own http://otsaku.dk/jackie_right/ http://otsaku.dk/jackie_left/ Hopefully these are without mistakes but please feel free to point out any errors. Tomorrow I'll do some minors - maybe....
  3. I'm a beginner too. Jim advised me when the choice was between an anglo and an english and I was looking for an instrument under $200. The Jackie 1st edition is an impressive instrument, size weight and tone. Yesterday it was an extremely daunting instrument and I was worried I'd bit of more than I could chew. Today I started to see the system in the key layout and have learnt a single tune. I can't see at the moment that I'll need the extra notes for any of the tunes I play on the whistle and mandolin. The major problem I have is hiolding the jackie comfortabley and I think I'm going to need a physical lesson in that... One beginner to another though without knowledge of any other concertinas I'd say go with the 1st edition - the thought of extra notes baffles me and from a starter point of view I think would be very confusing.
  4. I'm mightily impressed and that's before I can play the thing. Great finish not a burr or scratch anywhere. I was surprised at the size I'd been expecting something a little smaller (not by much) but it looked enormous when i packed it out of the box and then the gig bag. The volume is amazing too not to mention the tone. So far I'm a happy aspiring squeezer. My only concern is that one of the keys the A that only works on the push and not on the pull... Any tips?
  5. thats good to hear i'd hate people to leave me in a corner blowing in my concertina.
  6. I'd lower that estimate by quite a lot. I've had a few bad experiences on ebay and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you are within driving distance of the seller. My worst experience was buying a mandolin from one of the ebay "stores" 3 months after payment was received I hadn't got my mandolin. Thankfully I knew someone who lived a couple of hours from the seller and they paid them a visit collected my instrument and a refund for the p+p and sent it to me.
  7. phew there was me thinking you were going to explain how to play sheep...
  8. okie this is about as belated a reply as there could be. But xmas carols are a bit of a passion of mine I've been playing the tin whistle just over a year now and spent the best part of the last three months of last year learning carols to play on christmas day. Here in scandinavia people dance round the tree and sing - if you've seen bergmans film "fany and alexander" you get the idea. My wife's family tend not to so much dance as sidestep slowly round the tree after 1/2 an hour of trying to get out of it. Couple of years ago I introduced some christmas carols in english to the family without any accomanyment and it was a riot - mostly me getting melodies mixed up. So this time round I bought along my whistles, high d, high c and low d and c. Bear with me I'm getting to the point and back to the topic So I played a few danish carols and a few english and made everyone stand still. At the end of each song there was a prize for worst and best singer... At one point they wanted to take a break so I played few a through songs on my own. Up til then silent night had been my favourite on the low whistle, I tend to play a melancholic version. But as I was flipping through the book of carols I had with me I came across "it came upon the midnight clear" and "god rest you merry gentlemen". Ofcourse I knew these carols quite well but I'd never really thought about the music. So whistle wise the three above mentioned are my favourites. I'm looking forward to seeing what if anything I can do with my jackie when it arrives and these three songs will be some of my first attempts.
  9. so about this squeeze in.... are there many people in attendance and would they notice me confusing a concertina with a tin whistle?
  10. Hi nils I'm in the wrong bit of the country - namely copenhagen though I have just applied for a job in sønderjylland....
  11. I'm not sure this is a conversational topic I wish to pursue...
  12. You're all mad dagnammit! the last place i lived I had a neighbour who played really crappy pop music too loud and too often - I borrowed a set of highland pipes and after a couple of awful renditions of amazing grace he was willing to come to a compromise. Maybe I should add I stood outside his apartment door at 1 am. The neighbours here at the new place haven't said anything about my whistle playing but then I've no idea if the volume of the jackie is greater than that of my whistles...
  13. Oh I will be sure to let you all know how I progress. Just hope none of the neighbours start complaining
  14. after some great responses to my post yesterday and a jim's friendly guidance, I took the plunge and ordered my jackie first edition today. I got a swift response from Karen Wakker that my jackie is shipping tomorrow So now I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for the new arrival - feels just like waiting for my son to be born... Thanks to everyone who replied and thanks to concertinaconnection and jimlucas. On a side note I'd like to plug boorinwood.com they were very helpful while I was humming and harring about which instrument to choose and despite a strange website they are nice people. Now I know where I'll be buying my fiddle Enough of this smilieyficationing, I'm off to gnaw at my finger nails til the jackie arrives - I will return when I can't get it to do anything but wheeze.
  15. hey all thanks for the replies and thanks to jim for the message I've been looking at the jackie... I've also been looking at a few models on ebay but I've had bad experiences on ebay so...
  16. Hi all... well I'm a newcomer to the world of concertinas. I've been looking around for a couple of months for a good beginners instrument and ofcourse an inexpensive instrument. I've seen a few price guides and have to admit that many of the prices are scary. Anyone know of a cheap instrument preferrabley under $200 - I'm drawn to an english but would be happy with an anglo. All replies are gratefully appreciated. Oh I'm in denmark by the way - any danes are welcome to let me play with their instruments
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