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  1. Hmm that's not where I found it though thanks for the link - well I'll be removing the file as it's copyrighted.
  2. session.pdf d_whistle_archive.pdf from chiff and fipple c_whistle_archive.pdf from chiff and fipple It was sheet music in general I was having a hard time finding. I was finding a lot of abc's and midi's that didn't match the song I was searching for or some very curious arrangements. Then there is converting midi and abc to sheet music - I use tabledit and it doesn't always translate a tune successfully. And ofcourse there are all those wonderful sites that want money for sheet music and I haven't had a good experience with a single one of them. As for genre/s I tend to be quite whimsical in the tunes I want to learn. In the past month I've learnt dirty old town, amazing grace, fairytale of new york, the gentleman soldier, somewhere over the rainbow, fly me to the moon, summertime ( from Alan's pdf ), failed to learn morrison's jig ( any jig actually ) and halting versions of irish rover, wild rover, blow the man down, bare necessities and numerous others. I want to learn a lot of irish and scottish music ( especially jigs, reels and hornpipes ) and at the moment stick with airs until I get a better sense of playing the rythm and not just the notes. Johnny comes marching home, dixie and battle hymn of the republic crept into my singing repetoire many many years ago and I find it easy to learn play an instrument if I can think or sing the lyrics at the same time. Probably one of my problems playing jigs etc that I don't have a mental reference of the melody... The song I'm trying to hunt down at the moment is ralph mctell's streets of london. So far I've found one strangish version on jc's abc tune finder...
  3. Vroooooom - is the sound of things going over my head I'm glad you found it usefull. I remember I found it whilst looking for "when johnny comes marching home" last year when I was starting the tin whistle. The only thing that annoys me slightly is that I can't find recordings of a lot of those tunes. I have a session tune pdf and two more with tunes for c and d whistles if they should be of any interest.
  4. many thanks. I've not yet figured out how to get chords into a song. I think I need to get some recordings of english concertina playing so I can figure out what is being done. I actually wanted to try chords to see if I could play songs I strum on guitar. Didn't sound very good I was also hoping I could drop some chords in to compliment the melody but its all just a little to confusing trying to put everything together. I'm (still) struggling with morrison's jig - it defeated me on the tin whistle and now its defeating me on the ec. I'm starting to think that if I crack this tune I'll be able to play anything
  5. Maybe a squeeze-in or workshop outside of parliament would be the answer. I'd fly over for that. Been too long since I last protested outside of westminster
  6. To be slightly more cynical I think it has more to do with making us all as alike as possible. After all you folkies have been subverting society as long as society has existed
  7. Not sure where I found this originally but its been languishing on my hard disk so I thought I'd share : tunes.pdf 58 pages of sheet music - including some scales (!?). Enjoy.
  8. What I don't understand is the point of the law... Is it a question of licensing - having a license for live music to be performed?
  9. many thanks ken. and good luck on the spam hunt...
  10. I tend to keep my first instrument so I don't see me selling my Jackie. But having said that if I was lucky enough to get my hands on a lachenal in need of some restoration it might be neccesary to get rid of something to finance parts and labour :|
  11. Whilst drooling over concertinas on the net I saw this one : maccann duet and in the description "It is in old pitch like almost every unrestored concertina ". Which got me thinking what is old pitch and why do anything about it?
  12. I do not see any conflict in combining concertina playing with whiskey drinking <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that's cause you've neither heard me play concertina nor seen me drink whisky
  13. i foresee one problem with this idea - the distillery... now i've nothing against a musical weekend but how can i be expected to concentrate with casks of whisky quietly singing their sirens song? And so close at hand. tis a cruel world and a crueler mind that passes, allows and enforces licensing laws
  14. no question about it I'm on my own financing concertinas - til christmas and next b'day at least
  15. heh my wife was rather concerned with my collection of whistles - though nothing to rival jim's. she partially financed the jackie so it's her own fault this time
  16. Good on you jeff. I was surprised at how "easy" an instrument the ec is once you got past the mind boggling number of identical buttons... Not attempted any classical music yet myself, I'm a fairly new to reading music so it will be a while yet.
  17. L / L jackie ec Jim suggested I tried both frames on a leg each but I couldn't get the hang of moving my legs to follow the movement of the bellows plus I keep thinking of how unsightly this method would be if I'm wearing a kilt...
  18. Why do I find myself constantly returning to retail sites and drooling at the sight of new and vintage concertinas? I was wondering how long it took the rest of you to get the bug and start wondering if you could afford a sexy little used lachenal and planning a new shelf to put it on... With the tin whistle it was a question of how the instruments sounded that drove me to constantly buy a new one - I've not even had my jackie a month and I'm drifting off into daydreams involving wheatstones, lachenals and even jeffries duets. Is there a cure? If there is, donations to my de-tox fund are welcome
  19. Insulation? In a lunchbox?!! This generation has gotten more decadent and soft than I realized. Now, when I was a kid...!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> when he was a kid they still carried their lunches around in tin pails or they would have done if they could have afforded pail or lunch...
  20. Hail fellow beginner You mention the Jackie and as a proud owner and newbie I can highly recommend it. On the question of books I've been avoiding them at the moment using my time to pick out tunes from sheet music or from whistle notation :| OF the instruments I play I've learned them all by playing songs I know. The jackie comes with a nice little tutor to get you started and once you've looked at the keyboard diagrams and can locate at least two buttons without looking at what your fingers are doing you are well on your way. I'm not qualified to argue english versus anglo - but one of the reasons I leaned toward the english was the same note played in both directions - I'm sure lots of people have begun on anglo and learnt the layout easily but.... twas not for me. Though it has to be said that anglo's and duets are looking interesting now I've got going on the jackie. Maybe I should make my signature "I've got a jackie and you are not gonna stop me telling you all about it!"
  21. Some of our own kids and infants may yet take up the concertina and bring the average down even further. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well my two year old's interest grows daily
  22. thanks for all the replies. the spacing of the straps and finger rests isn't something i'd considered. Now that I've swapped them round I've got a much better reach to get to the lower keys but supporting the weight even sitting down is nigh on impossible and I'm getting a wobble on the pull - plus I've now got problems exerting a constant pressure on the keys. I'm thinking about getting some larger keys ( wider diameter and taller )- which ofcourse would mean expanding the present key holes. I'm not gonna criticise the jackie at all but for my small hands me thinks it's gonna be needing some modification before I can hold it properly and play at the same time. Jim and I already talked about wrist straps and I can see the point he makes against them but I'm thinking they might go part way to negating the modifications I'm thinking of. On top of all of the above I'm starting to think that I need to get narrower thumb straps too
  23. Arghh all this googling is taking away valuable learning time... Today I turned my finger plates around to see if that would give my small hands a better reach - it did. But now I'm faced with a tendency for the little finger on my right hand to slip from under the plate - grrrrrrr I thought about turning the plates round again and moving them backward but I'm loathed to make a new hole and on top of that have a visible hole in the end plate. So remembering someone posting about wrist straps on their english I went on a google hunt - without any luck and as far as I can see there aren't any wrist straps listed on any of the sites selling spares... of course I might have missed something. Anyways if anyone can tell me where I can aquire a pair I'd be grateful.
  24. My son is two he loves anything that makes a noise. I got him his first guitar when he was 4 months old When we put him to bed he always wants a song or three, my wife sings danish childrens songs to him and I sing whatever comes to mind in english... For awhile his favourite song was somewhere over the rainbow ( i tend to break into it at odd times and even odder places ) and at the moment it's cockles and mussels. I was a bit worried for awhile when he started dancing to the sh*te they play on the radio here but quickly got him enthralled with my old punk records I'm making sure I catch him early before mass marketed pop gets hold of him. On a side note he's pestering me to get his nose pierced and yes "2" wasn't a typo oh and the piercing thing is another bad influence i have on him
  25. aye I've only been putting the jackie down to do things related with me picking it up again
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