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  1. WOOOHOOO! I'm in shock. In a good way. 48 key nr: 58494 though in a couple of places the 8 looks like a 2... Needs new valves, new thumb straps and the action needs cleaning. The reeds are slotted into the reed pan and look for the most part clean. One reed on the right hand side looks like a steel replacement - the others being brass. It's missing a couple of end screws and one of them has sheared off so the tip remains inside. My one concern is that the end plates seem slightly smaller than the piece of wood between them and the bellows and they don't sit tight to the bellows frame. I'm wondering if the ends have been reversed. The bellows seems to be airtight, though difficult to tell with the missing valves allowing a constant airflow. Beautiful mellow tone. Me thinks I got bargain for the $242 I paid incl. shipping. Now to order the parts I need Ps. Haven't checked the pitch yet.
  2. I hope concertinas aren't a "gateway instrument"... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tis the gateway to heaven As for the tattoos I found an easy remedy, find the worst tattooist you can and get something large and ugly done, make sure it gets infected so the ink ends up looking patchy. After one of those you are semi-cured. Using all your money on musical instruments and acquiring children is the other half of the cure. Not one to do things by halves I combined the two and just bought my son a violin.
  3. Almost the same descritption if I remember correctly.
  4. Scammer no - poor judge of character yes
  5. I've seen a few people mention the sticking buttons etc... So I'm wondering what can be done to improve these instruments. Every anglo I've drooled over heads out of my price range fast - so...
  6. I'll have to remember that. Our dutch auctioneer is ignoring my £60 offers
  7. It makes buying from ebay a scary prospect. I'm watching a 20 key anglo at the moment where payment is by personal cheque only... It makes you want to tear your hair out.
  8. thanks for that though I'm loathed to buy sheet music online :| So I guess it's a trip to the local sheet music store
  9. And the person has another one on ebay at £250...
  10. I refuse to be pleased any of the time
  11. Funny you should mention bronze, I found another place that does sheets of various metals and they have bronze. I'm going to see if I can buy some small off cuts of the different metals and play with them.
  12. Anyone have the sheet music for this song? Has been one of my favourites since I was a wee lad and I'd love to learn to play it.
  13. I've found a hobby shop here in denmark that does sheets of brass down to 0.2mm. I read in another thread that someone had beaten the brass down to 0.5mm. So what is the ideal thickness of brass for reeds?
  14. no inventive putrid eggs huh...
  15. Now there's an idea - LED's on a concertina.... And warning lights on an accordion
  16. I agree wonderful resource. My one complaint is that it set me drooling over the pictures of the duets
  17. If it is any consolation the accordion is beyond repair. And that is before I've pulled the reeds.
  18. well if you had I'd take em off your hands for £7
  19. Chris I'd already thought along those lines and bought a very cheap accordion and will be practicing on it's reeds before attacking the concertina's
  20. Heh don't worry I'll be screaming for help at the first sign of a hurdle Seriously though after reading the maintainance manual and don's tuning instructions its looking a lot less daunting. Though there are a couple of things that I have to work out first. Shims of various thickness to support the reeds and device to sound the reed.
  21. Well parts for my ec come before vintage lookers And ofcourse the acquisition of an anglo.
  22. Being amongst all that drink will be termed aclimatisation - it's sure gonna need it. I guess my biggest worry is the reeds. According to the seller they all sound but I'm worried that they will be out of tune. I'm leaning towards leaving it in the original pitch. I'll be putting my grinding tools away and getting out the files me thinks.
  23. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...7309824893&rd=1 another one of those instruments I wish I could afford just for the look of it. And these : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...7310605315&rd=1
  24. I know from reading the site that ec vs ac is a touchy subject at times. I've also read the reasoning behind the why the anglo is better suited to irish traditional music... I'm just not sure if the arguement for and against has anything to do with the instruments or more to do with the talented individuals playing them. ( Opens mouth wide and gets ready to place foot in it... ) Clefs, staves, notes, intervals and all that jazz - it's music. Wether learnt by ear or read from a page the building blocks for a tune are the same. Admittedly I'm struggling with ornamentation and rythm on the jackie but at the same time I'm not musically gifted and I'm a newcomer to the instrument. Whilst shopping around for a concertina I had a music shop tell me that I shouldn't get an english if I wanted to play irish music. Shortly after getting the jackie Jim Lucas came round and played a very lively version of morrisons jig on his ec. Funnily enough morrisons has been giving me trouble on the whistle and now is giving me trouble on the ec this being my lack of aptitude and not anything to do with the instrument. Its wonderful there is a tradition of using the anglo in irish music but is this tradition why there is an arguement against the english? After his rendition of morrisons Jim went on to demonstrate "anglo" playing on his ec... I hope I'm not getting anyone's back up with my little contribution but reading some of the past posts on the subject I'm wondering if we aren't rallying round our respective flags because we need to have a flag to rally around. On the subject of the jackie - it's a great instrument, the ec exceeded my expectations in terms of being a logical and relatively easy instrument to get started on. Yes I've just acquired a lachenal 48 key but I don't see myself getting rid of or stopping playing my jackie. And yes I'm looking for an anglo but then again I have high whistles, low whistles, electric and acoustic guitars, a recorder, a mandolin and a bohdran. Listen ofcourse to the advice of the more experienced members, they do know what they are talking about. pssst buy a jackie you'll love it
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