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  1. happy birthday Jim. Me thinks a drink or 5 is on the cards.
  2. I think your answer there is just a matter of getting your fingers used to where each note is. Don't look for the note feel for it. You need to stop thinking about what your fingers should be doing and let your fingers get on with it. Bit vague I s'pose. The best way I can describe it is this : When I was learning my first song on guitar, I had the chord diagrams in front of me and positioned my fingers slowly looking between the guitar neck and diagrams. After about 3 hours of halting playing I forced myself not to look. When you've tried doing something once you have normally learnt it. Or rather your body knows what it is doing and often it is just a matter of convincing your conscious self that it should let the rest of you get on with it. Can you name all the notes on either side in correct order? If you can do that then you can be sure your fingers know precisely where those notes are. As for bellows movement, I was wondering if you where exerting too much pressure in either direction - bah my mind gave up on me I lost the thought that went with this bit...
  3. Well best of luck on all counts. I'm trying not to think of business or work. Though there is an empty shop near here that keeps calling to me everytime I pass by...
  4. Congrats. Tis a wonderful large package to receive. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. I'm starting to think that it is more important to enjoy your instrument than to practice or do things correctly.
  5. Trully impressive. Couple of questions. I realise this is a prototype but the connector looks a bit bulky, do you have plans to use another type of connector or go wireless?
  6. couple of things: I'd get those bugs identified by an expert if they are for example a type of termite / woodworm you could have a real problem if they get in the woodwork of your house. Anything that is going to be in contact with your daughters mouth I wouldn't spray with pesticide.
  7. tis a shame I was looking forward to hearing how she honks. Not to mention seeing how it was held / played.
  8. I've found that the message boards I've been involved with have actually suffered because of "realtime" chat. Generally you find the people who post regularly on the board support the new feature and join the irc room and for awhile everything is lively. But when you've said what you ,would normally post, in the room then you don't feel like repeating yourself. Thus board activity declines and in a slow spiral people lose interest. Besides nothing is stopping anyone here registering a chatroom... But why spoil a good thing?
  9. Gold leaf would be my guess. I used it restoring old bindings on my books many years ago with good result. The only drawback I found was wear and tear so I used a humbrol model varnish carefully dabbed over the gold leaf. A friend of mine uses a clear nail varnish... On a couple of books the stamping or impression of the lettering is very shallow and I used a blunt knitting needle to carefully press the leather down - tedious work. Paper masking tape is non-destructive so I general use that to buile a mask around the area needing leaf applied and use a bluntish stanley blade to carefully cut away the tape that is covering the design or lettering. My freind mentioned above uses white glue of the type used in schools - preferably made from animal byproducts. His way is faster than mine as he can paint it on but I've avoided it because it needs a steadier hand than my dexterity allows. I have no idea what the property of the leather dyes on concertinas are but I would be wary of using any gold pen as they contain solvents that may result in discolouring. The more learned can tell you about that. SO the short answer is gold leaf
  10. I read somewhere or other that tower bridge has sold from anywhere between £50 and £20000...
  11. wow! That is a beautiful concertina. *looks down the back of the couch for loose change*
  12. Maybe you think I shouldn't bother ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not at all I think it's admirable as well as impressive that you spot and report the scammers. Aside from the service you do for us with your warnings, you are actually doing a lot for ebay.
  13. And not yet relisted... Maybe I should up my offer to £80 for both of them
  14. you might well say Ahem young man!
  15. only sometimes? I know I'm never sure about thee...
  16. How bout a photographer I know of one going cheap. House trained as well.
  17. I'm going to try very hard to get to arran, I can hop by Killie for the first time in 17 years.
  18. Seriously thanks to all of you. Tis a great community here. From my first desperate grope on the road to concertinaring til now you've all been very helpfull. A big thanks to Jim who has the dubious luck to be in relative close proximity to me and will live to regret it. I wish I was able to get to the ssi this year so I could meet a few more of you. Having said that we may be acquiring a... hmm funny this I can't find an english equivalent - small allotment with a wooden shack on it ( kolonihavehus maybe Jim will have more luck at translating this ). So maybe I should host a copenhagen squeeze in. Eeek Anyways thanks again, I've been to a lot of music forums and none have been this responsive. Maybe I should be worried The secret sect of the concertinarists has me in their grasp.
  19. I'm lucky I have an understanding wife. She understands that a swift blow to the head stops me from pressing the pay now button. A new wee one on the way is going to hamper my spending power so I have to buy buy buy now now now...
  20. It is one of the secondhand special offers on one of the shop pages if I remember rightly. The one I'm leaning toward is the lachenal 20 key anglo in wadebridge, wooden ends, steels reeds, 5 fold bellows, concert pitch £225. Though after hearing the brass reeds today I think I've fallen in love. I liked the sound of the jackie and still do but its a real fog horn compared to the lachenal. My neighbours are going to love me once the lachenal is playable.
  21. It's called cost cutting. If they don't have to read all those reasons then they can save on wages I reported a user a couple of years ago for not sending items paid for and never heard a thing...
  22. Sent the fifth email today offering £60. Was tempted to say £75 including p+p Though now I have one, I think I'll be concentrating on getting an anglo. Hobgoblin have a lachenal duet for £695 that is looking tempting... Thankgod I have no money
  23. Thanks. It is already exerting a lot of pull on me. Went out for an hour and all I could think about was coming home to it
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