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  1. Thanks, some of the grooves actually overlap, so a fair bit of trimming :-)
  2. I have been trying to restore an Ebblewhite labled Lachenal english concertina and have a question regarding pad sizes, ( there was nothing left of the original pads) the air holes in the action board are aprox 10.5mm in diameter, if I use 14mm pads there seems very little overlap of the air holes, but using 16mm pads means that some of them, particularly on the small notes, are too close together and would need trimming. Is this normal, and would the original pads have all been one size and trimmed accordingly ? or should i use two difrent sized pads? its a rosewood ended, steel reed 48 key with bone keys, labled as ebblewhite on the exterior but inside as a lachenal stamped over with ebblewhite stamps.
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