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    I play a Bob Tedrow 30 button anglo Turbo-Stagi but my main instrument is various forms of bagpipes including Uilleann (Union) Pipes.
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    Alabama, U.S.A.

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  1. In Irish Traditional Music, it starts with an innocent little whistle - then, before you know it, you're hooked on the "hard drugs": wooden flutes and uilleann pipes! As a piper, I also own: 1 - 20+ year old "D" Feadog (my original whistle) 1 - "D" Susato 1 - "A" Susato 1 - "Bnat" Susato Oh, the misery and shame of it all! Regards, Dick
  2. Here in Northern Alabama, Good Fortune Ceilidh Band is doing two regular sessions per month, Bob. The first Tuesday of every month, at the Corner Pub in Huntsville, AL. The third Friday of every month at the Westside Cafe in Decatur, AL. The music is Traditional Irish and Scottish, with a smattering of Welsh, Breton and Gallitian. I don't believe we've ever had a piano accordian player sit in. We also get together every Thursday, at Grace Methodist Church in North West Huntsville, for some informal tunes. All are welcome at any of these sessions. Best regards, Dick
  3. Nevertheless, certain things that used to be funny just aren't anymore. Ethnic jokes, sexist jokes and jokes about captive passengers on hijacked airplanes are certainly on the list. David, You may, at your discretion, add or delete subjects on the list of things you find humorous. I will never attempt to correct you. Best regards, Dick
  4. Not funny. Two Morris Dancers, friends to many on this forum, were lost two years ago. I'm very sorry for your loss, David. I lost a number of personal friends in the World Trade Center buildings. If the terrorists of the world are able to rob us of our sense of humor, and cause us to live on edge; they have caused far more damage than they dreamed possible. Best regards, Dick
  5. Hmmmm. "We're holding an airplane full of concertina players hostage. If we don't get $12,000,000, we'll start releasing one of them every hour!" This might have potential, Dave! Regards, Dick
  6. Lester, that is a great idea! Even on tunes I haven't played in a while, a quick memory jog on the fist few bars will usually get me off and running. Thanks for sharing that system on your site, Dick
  7. Henk, your understanding of "vintage" is correct. The word is probably in the process of being devalued, in marketplaces like e-bay, by "hype". "Hype", if you're not familiar with the word, is what you call lies - when you're trying to sell something! Regards, Dick
  8. I think you misunderstood, Dave. I said, "Write if you need bail." I didn't say I'd send it! Regards, Dick
  9. I am the Concertina Police. "FREEZE!! I have a concertina - and I'm not afaraid to use it!" "Now, gently place that Jefferies 30 button anglo back on the table and no one will get hurt!"
  10. Be careful, Dave. Someone may report you to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aeolas). WAIT! That knock on the door could be the Concertina Police! Write if you need bail, Dick
  11. The concertina is not a bluegrass instrument?! Oh, no! That slick talking, door to door concertina salesman led me astray! Regards, Dick
  12. The "pre treated" cloths are also available at jewelry/department/discount stores in the US. there are two varieties: one for brass, one for silver/pewter. Pipers and antique woodwind players have been using them for years because you can polish keywork, fittings and mounts without getting polish residue on the blackwood or ebony. Regards, Dick
  13. It was the lovely, lilting East Clare style of Mary MacNamara that drove me over the brink. Bob Tedrow very graciously put me in touch with someone looking to sell a 30 button "Tedrow Turbo Stagi" and I was on my way. Being a piper, it's a real treat to have an instrument that's so compact, maintenance free and impervious to changes in weather! Regards, Dick
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