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  1. HI Thanks for the info about my concerina, and for encouragement too. I didnt know there were records like this tis very interesting.

  2. Hello all. I started lessons in Nov. and I love it. I bought a Wheatstone No.57639, which I think is just lovely and is the best thing ive ever bought!!! I spend hours practicing and have a few tunes. I have been reading all about different wheatstones and it seems that the Identity number of mine is "one of the not so good type" can anyone tell me anything about this. I didn't know there were all different qualities when I bought it. to me it sounds great.. especially when anyone elso plays it.... especially mymusic teacher. I really enjoy all the information I find here from you all. Thanks.!!! PS.. tis an Anglo 30 button.
  3. Anyone going to the Noel Hill Concertina Week end of February?? Its my first time attending, im a beginner , any tips?
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