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  1. Love the off topic. Two of them here. How we use high notes and coolest concertinas. They are related. A have an Aeola ebony ended 56 button. I need a second backup and since my second favorite 48 button is an Edeophone I thought I would go that route. My first favorite is a Colin Dipper 48 button with Aboyna ends. Unfortunately loud, large dynamic range, easy playing and great tone don't necessarily translate into best instrument for a particular style. The problem here is balance. The lower notes cover the high notes so chords emphasize the bass. This is the biggest drawback of the
  2. Please post more pictures, at least one of each side of instrument with serial number visible. Do you have other pictures of you playing it, or a youtube channel with other music you do? Regards Otto
  3. Hi, the reason for the extended treble is that I am scheduled to perform the James Cohn concerto in "A" for concertina and string orchestra with our local Port Townsend Community Orchestra in May 2019. I have a nice 56 button extended treble I bought from Chris Algers, Barleycorn, but I need a back up instrument and possibly a better instrument. I like my 48 button Edeophone so I thought I might get a 56 button extended treble Edeophone. The concerto was written in the 60's, is dedicated to Allan Atlas and the composer says it has been performed 3 times. I think always by Wim Wacker and ne
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