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  1. My own personal issues are financial. I bought my Jackie back in late 2011, and I have not had the money to upgrade even to a learner model Wheatstone or Lachenal with 48 buttons. Ideally, I'd love an Edeophone, and even a Crane duet, but my resources simply aren't there. Still, it's on my list for "some day one day".
  2. Great to hear Don. I look forward to this, as it'll be the next in line for me after my Jackie, most likely.
  3. Perhaps this will bode well for a hybrid English between the Jack/Jackie and the Rose?
  4. It's more when I'm done playing and I want to close the bellows than anything else.
  5. I have a Jackie, and when I use the air button the instrument wheezes. Is this normal, or is there something that can be done to "clear the air", as it were? Thanks in advance!
  6. Now for my next question (and thank you for those who are responding): Does anyone know of any concertina-related events near Pensacola, Florida, or any places nearabouts where I can put hands on boxes other than my Jackie?
  7. Thank you for the additional insight. I'm still hoping for a solution to the bellows, but maybe I'll just have to tough it up with my fingers.
  8. Desire to trade up: ***** Ability to trade up: N/A I got my Jackie from the Button Box, and while I ogle at both their offerings and at Wim's offerings, I simply do not have the budget and will not for a long time. Part of my issue with playing ITM on an English is that my finger dexterity is atrocious. I figure with an Anglo I can cheat some speed via bellows action.
  9. Hello again everyone. I've been out of the loop for almost five years, so I guess that means I'm new here again, and those of you who've forgotten me can meet me for the first time a second time! I was able to go to the Old Pal event once back in 2012 with my Jackie, and since then I've been busy with a multitude of things. But enough about that. In regards to my Jackie, I find that the bellows are very stiff in comparison with other (vintage / higher price tiered) concertinas, and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion or two about how I can get the bellows to limber up without causing undue wear on them. Also, occasionally the "low C" on the instrument has a buzz, like there's something stuck and vibrating between the valve and the air aperture, but I keep the instrument in the gig bag 99.5% of the time when I'm not actively practicing. Would I gain anything by opening up that side just to see if there's a speck of anything caught in the works? Lastly, I am finding myself in a situation where I will be needing to learn Anglo for occasional Celtic / ITM work. When going from English to Anglo, are there any keysets that lend themselves more to someone relearning the wheel? I figured that bisonorous bellows action would be the first stumbling block, as opposed to the unisonorous bellows action that I'm used to with the English. Thanks in advance for any insight that can be offered, and thank all you fine folks for still being around!
  10. EDIT: Having a bit of financial hardship, so I won't be able to attend this year. I hope everyone has a great time, and we'll see if I can swing it next time around.
  11. I'd like StephenTX's Edeophone, Craig Wagner's Triumph duet, and a Wakker Parnassus, although I'd forego them for a winning lottery ticket.
  12. I had the pleasure of playing this instrument at the 2012 Old Pal Festival in March. It is a very very nice instrument, and the only thing keeping me from it is my personal indigence. Whoever purchases this Edeophone will have a wonderful instrument in their hands.
  13. I'm just watching it for edutainment purposes. That, and I really want a Crane duet, although I'm too poor to own one at present.
  14. Thank you so much for the wonderful elucidation! It's also nice to know that all Wakker models have the flat/domed option...I was merely going off what was shown on the pages of each model mentioned above.
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