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  1. Hi there,i wouldn't think the Bastari is worth very much,you do see them on Ebay and that is probably the best direction for it.The Hohner sounds like a Pokerwork melodeon and it would be worthwhile asking on melodeon.net.I must add i am no expert and cannot be held responsible for any of your actions,i'm just trying to be helpful.bd. Thank you, that is most definatly what it is, i will have a look at the site, thanks
  2. Hiya guys, I figured this would be the best place to ask, and after waiting patiently for two days! i hope it is After having a clear out of the loft some time ago, i discovered a couple of old concertinas, have been told they've been in the family a while! But no ones really too intrested in them anymore.. So all im looking to do is find a home for them, hopefully someone that would get some use out of them! So after doing some research and visiting a local music shop, ive indentified them as, One, Bastari(now Stagee?), Anglo?, 30 button. W-15.Comes with box, a few stickers on it from its travels. Also whilst in the shop, appears theres a slight fault with the buttons, commonly know as sticky keys?! And have seen it apart, and requires replacing the rubber sleeves that attach the buttons to the paddle mechinism?! Ive been assured apart from that, all in all,its in good condition! The Second concertina is a Honer - Vienna, model 2915, or commonly known as a paperwork? If i remeber right it has 21 keys and 8 bass keys? Is overall in good condition, has had a repair on the rear of the box, some tape on the bellows, the guy at the music shop said it had been done well, though did mention, s/h valves if that means much to you guys needs replacing some leather valves as they had dried out? from lack of use. Could someone please just advise me as whats the best thing to do with them, as i said before i'd just like them to go to a good home rather than them sit on the shelf for a year! Thanks guys, even for taking the time to read this Regards, Gary A
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