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    Books, Travel, Natural History (Marine Biology), and of course music. <br />I play mainly Irish and Breton music on the wooden flute and whistle. But concertina is catching up. I also play the bombarde and biniou koz.<br />Otherwise I love (but do not play) many other kinds of music from classical to ''modern'', and also other European or non European traditional music.<br />I make a living from selling old scientific books (I am an antiquarian bookdealer).
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    Loguivy Plougras, Brittany, France

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  1. Hello, chiton1 - I really enjoyed your concertina clip. So few seems to understand how to apply dynamics when playing Irish music on the English - a rare treat!

    My usual curiosity drove me to look at Google maps to check if Google Street view was implemented in youra area (a lot of Brittany is). Yes - so I just had a drive through your village!

    Best regards,


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