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  1. I forgot to say the bellows are in good condition. It's exactly as I bought it from Barleycorn with the exception that it's more in tune and no sticking buttons (I had theo fix them). So inside its new pads etc. someone did a good job restoring this for Chris Algar when it was done. Ian
  2. Here's a sound clip of me playing the concertina: Concertina Recording And a picture attached..
  3. Hello again, I'm selling this very nice Lachenal Wooden-ended Maccann Duet. Features: 46 Metal Buttons Recently renovated by Barleycorn Concertinas. Recent tuning & action work by Theo Gibb Wooden fretwork ends in great condition Modern hard case plus original shabby leather case A=440 concert pitch Paid £795 for it a few years back from Barleycorn Concertinas - still have receipt Nice fast action, lovely to play, looks beautiful too. Priced at £650 (was trying to get £800 for it but no interest) Buyer pays shipping or can pick it up. I'll dig out the recording and pictures and post from my computer. Contact me if any questions. Ian
  4. Hi Tony, My McCann is for sale, all of the above requirements and it was the nicest McCann on the Barleycorn stall when I bought it. See Theo's link above to my original post. I would accept £750 for it and include UK shipping. This is less than I paid Barleycorn for it in 2008 and since then I have paid Theo to do some minor work on it. It's perfectly in tune, great condition, no work required. Includes both original leather box and a modern hard case, and still has original receipt from Barleycorn for the concertina. Message me if you are interested, ta. Ian S
  5. no interest at all? Have I priced it too highly do you think? I don't know much about the prices of used duets, I suspect it varies. but this is a NICE one! Should I eBay it? Advice please!
  6. That's quite surprising news... but being an open-minded person I already had replaced "never" with "hardly" in advance... Okay, you're right. Whatever. We bow down to your superior brain! Now about this concertina I'm trying to sell...
  7. Just spotted this Ian. I'll add you to my spreadsheet list. Where do you hail from (for purposes of identifying country ... don't suppose it's Outer Mongolia or anywhere exotic ??) The list currently stands at 77 known names (or pseudonyms where appropriate) by the way. an I just spotted my apostrophe fraud! Aaargh! I'm from North Yorkshire, but I've been living near Newcastle for the last ten years. My dad Chris Stephenson (in North Yorks) plays MacCann too, and if I get the urge to play again after I've sold mine, he might let me borrow his 46key Wheatstone edeophone
  8. More info I just thought of: It's tuned A=440 concert pitch. Since I bought it, Theo Gibb has fixed a sticky button where the bush on that key was rubbing, sorted now! Also, Theo tuned a few notes on it too, there were a few that needed edging in. It's in tune now. Message me on the forum if you are interested or reply on here if you have any more questions, Perhaps you can add one more to the "who play's maccann" list now, I've been secretly playing a bit for yonks...
  9. Hiya, Apologies for this being my first post. I've been mucking about on the MacCann duet for years, after my parents picked up a 46key wheatstone years ago. In 2008 I bought this 46 key Lachenal from Barleycorn concertinas at Whitby folk week. Recently I've just not been playing it, I'm sure I'll pick it up again later in life as soon as I'm flush! In the mean time I've got a whole house full of other instruments (including 4 harmoniums!) It's a 46 key MacCann duet, metal buttons, wooden ends. Steel reeds and 6 fold bellows. When I bought it in 2008 it had already been reconditioned, new pads and bushes I can see, not sure if it has had new valves or not. The bellows are in good condition, and the best looking part of it is the fretwork on the ends, no badly sunk screws or anything like you often see. I'd like to get £800 for it, it's a super little box. Buyer will pay postage costs, I can get an estimate before sending. It also comes with a modern hard case and it's original (but tatty) leather case. Here's a sample of me playing a tune on it that I recorded today. sound sample hornpipe I'll try to attach a photo too. more coming soon! Ian
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