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  1. s19080.jpeg.6297fd2f97e9ba2e3c5aa0e1a9f0f1d8.jpeg

    So I’m playing last night in my local session.
    A friend finds this under my seatnds this under my seat.

    I look at my box and see my low F button is an empty hole with a red felt bottom.
    Pretty essential note for my style and setlist.

    Just now I opened the Dickinson Tenor mechanical chamber for the first time,
    and retrieved the other half.  W-a-y too challenging to super-glue back together.
    (at least for me)

    So I looked at the fingering chart and decided to forgo having the high C#.
    I managed to steal that button and put it in the low F’s spot.

    The hardest part was getting the bushings to stay in place inside
    the buttons. (Not the ones lining the outer holes.)

    Pretty good, eh ?



  2. In the midst of all my Baritone investigations a dear friend here in Berkeley, who by-the-way took over my lodgings in Newcastle when I left to return to the states in ’72, came over and gave me this, on extended loan.  Exactly what I wanted !!!   36 button Wheatstone which is one octave below the usual 48.  He has owned it for 40 years and hasn’t played it much. Works fairly well & I will do some valve and tuning work.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?

    sm Peter Baritone.jpg

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  3. Hoping Steve & Wheatstone are OK.  I have emailed him and it bounced, saying the mailbox was full and not accepting messages.  I cut and pasted my email into the enquiry form on the company website & even tried getting thru via the local Everyman folk club.     Crickets.   Anyone hear anything or have a suggestion ? Riggy

  4. Older now, and I'm getting in touch with my dark, low side.  I have a custom 44 key Dipper which I use for song accompaniment, that goes down to a D below middle C.  Listening to Ian Robb and David Coffin I have learned they use large old Aeolas that have 56 keys, classified as Baritone/Treble.  Too big.  Is there such a thing as a 48 (or less) Baritone ?   Riggy


  5. Goodbye to old friend of San Francisco Concertina Players and Sea Music Festivals


    From Peter Kasin/SAFR/NPS on 09/01/2009 10:31 AM -----



    Unfortunately I am writing to report to you the death of our friend and

    volunteer Bruce Sherman. Most of us knew him as the concertina player

    aboard Balclutha. There his masterful playing on the sailorly instrument

    enchanted visitors and staff for many many years -both on weekends as well

    as at many past Festivals of the Sea. His mandolin playing could also be

    heard during informal jams at the Progressive Grounds Coffee shop in Bernal

    Heights and the Phoenix Bookstore in Noe Valley. I myself heard in person

    from Carl Nolte this weekend, who heard it from a mutual friend at the

    Phoenix bookstore on 24th Street Noe Valley. I have since called that

    friend and learned that a memorial will be held. James K. of the Phoenix

    bookstore wrote a piece for the Noe Valley Voice which comes out Sept 1,

    and Carl Nolte says he will probably be doing an obituary as well. Bruce

    lived in the Excelsior neighborhood on Naples St. and is survived by a

    brother Scott, sisters, and his 90 yr old Mom. Reportedly and sadly, Bruce

    took his own life on August 9.


    A memorial will be at the Noe Valley Ministry on Sat Sept 13 from 3-7pm.


  6. Hi Everyone !

    I am so happy to tell you that I am finally bringing forth a project reflecting my life's work in an album titled Somewhere in Between.


    It defies categorization and covers the genres of my journey: English Folksong, Renaissance Art Song, English Country Dance instrumentals, Irish Sea Songs, American Country and Pop ballads.


    Stellar singers and musicians provide top-notch support, while veteran producer Jeff Martin has made magic of it all!


    The CD and samples are easily available thru my website:


    or you could

    Download Somewhere in Between @


    if that’s your preferred way to gather your music !


    Thanks so much taking time to look & listen.



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