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  1. hello: I bring you one of my favorites song (mp3 atached), enjoy the concertina,as I do. regards superbeta
  2. yes, you are right, there is another thread, sorry I duplicated the issue. It looks a interesting movie, searching the DVD. thanks Juan
  3. Hello: I was looking something interesting in the internet, about concertinas, and I found a really nice movie clips : PRINCESS COMES ACROSS, it is about a concertina player King (Fred MacMurray) and the Swedish princess Olga (Carole Lombard), here the link: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/499084/Princess-Comes-Across-The-Movie-Clip-My-Powder-Poof.html# (from TCM CLASSIC MOVIE) Unfortunatelly, I couldn´t find the entire movie, does anyone know where can I find this? Kind Regards Juan
  4. Hello I really miss Leo, who can bring us the latest videos? superbeta
  5. Fun! (And does anyone know where the EC tradition in Bolivia comes from - they all seem to have Edeophones or high end Wheatstones as well!) Hi Spindizzy: I'm from Bolivia, I am researching the origin of the concertina in Bolivia. there is not much information. I think one of the earliest interpreters of the Concertina in Bolivia was Larrea and Uriarte. Other former interpreters come from Cochabamba. I will post an article as soon have more information. Regards
  6. Here's a very little more info, if anybody wants to pursue it: (I might have posted sooner, but I've been frightfully busy, with an unreliable internet connection, and waiting on a hoped-for response that hasn't come.) Leo is Leo Dalton... apparently Leo F. Dalton in Beaver, Pennsylvania. A quick internet search gave me a street address, but no phone number. (Interesting but probably irrelevant is that he's listed as "Leo F Dalton Sr" with an age of 60, while there's another "Leo F Dalton" -- no "Senior" -- listed in Allentown with an age of 96.) I sent an inquiry to an email address I have from a private exchange with Leo in 2009, but as with David, it's now been several days with no response. I do hope he's all right. Unfortunately, he is not all right: Leo F. Dalton BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2012 4:00 am Leo F. Dalton, 61, of Brighton Township, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, in his home. Born July 11, 1951, in Philadelphia, PA, he had been a resident of Brighton Township the past 31 years. He was a disabled Captain with U.S. Airways after 25 years service having formerly flown with Allegheny Airlines. Preceding him in death besides his parents, was a sister, Irene. He is survived by a son and daughter-in-law, John and Angel Dalton, Brighton Twp., and three sisters, Rita Dalton, Marge Zeadow, and Theresa Kaminski. Friends will be received Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. in the NOLL FUNERAL HOME INC, 333 Third Street, Beaver. Online condolences may be shared at nollfuneral.com Rest in peace, Leo. I am so sad for the news R.I.P LEO Superbeta
  7. Mr Stein: You are the best¡¡¡. Regards.
  8. I agree, maybe it is a Jones, definitely I will find out when I have it in my hands. Thanks Mike, you are right, "the important thing is how well it plays and how nice it sounds". Regards
  9. Thank you very much. I am honoured by your comment, coming from someone who has such a great experience with miniature (and not only) concertinas. Really nice, maybe is to soon but have you ever thought to make a hexagonal one?,
  10. Hello: I just bought a concertina on e-bay, the seller doesn´t know if it is a Lachenal or Wheatstone. Does anyone know about this concertina?. Curiously has the number "3", does it mean that it was the thirth concertina that was made? I attach some pictures. Regards.
  11. Definetely I love Juliette Daum (how she plays the concertina, of course).
  12. Hello Jake: Yes, it is, but I have made a lot of work on it, restored to a concert pitch, the bellows, new straps, cleaned (inside and outside), and polished (sides), fortunately I found a very good "louthier" here in Bolivia, he restored the pitch, I think is the most difficult issue to make. The concertina was in a good shape, the keys have the letters on it, and I take care of it, give maintenance. My objetive is to keep it "original" (as it was when it was sold). Inside, the reed pans are immaculate. The first owner was very careful, he loved this instrument as I do. When I play it, it seems to mourn. Regards Juan
  13. Congratulations Juan, I purchased my first concertina a Lachenal a short 6 months ago and I like you am thrilled to be part of the family so-to-speak. Now what you will have to control is the urge to buy more concertinas. I was told this but did not necessarily believe it. But here I am in Texas now with three concertinas my original Lachenal Tutor (whose mellowness of sound I love), A Wheatstone and a Lachenal Metal ended Edeophone. I am looking forward to chatting with you. I am taking lessons online via Skype from Pauline de Snoo in Holland and learning alot from all the experts here. Oh what a small world we live in. Looking forward to chatting with you. Stephen Knoll, Tyler, Texas Hello Jody: I am agree with you, I just bought another concertina, a Lachenal, so I have to control the urge to buy more concertinas, until it become an adiction, jajaja. I am interested in learn more about concertinas, too. Chatting with you will be a pleasure, just tell me how can we chat. Kind Regards
  14. Hello Juan I'd love to learn a little more about the history of concertina in Bolivia and in south America ! You may know that Dan Whorrall, a regular contributor to this forum, has published a huge study relating the history of concertina (mostly anglo) in the 19th century. His survey mostly focussed on english-speaking countries (UK, ireland, australia, NZ, South Africa), and I beleive there remains some work to be done on the history of concertina in the rest of the world. If you have any elements, I'm sure you will get strong interest from the "historians" of this forum ! As for me, I'm presently doing some research about free-reed instruments in France in the 19th century, but concertina sightings are quite rare here Hello David: As soon as I finish my research, I will post it. One of my friends will give me some very old pictures about english people playing the concertina in Bolivia. I will post everything, do not worry. Regards.
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