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  1. It's more or less direct quote, we didn't go into the details... As to the materials, this had been my own assumption, as I had been musing about the quality of steels, leathers etc. (possibly wood as well, which might be subject to more changes when new).
  2. I have to keep it a bit cryptic here. A qualified person once told me that choosing modern makes over vintage instruments could be delusive in a way since one would simply have to face new issues instead of the well-known ones then...
  3. Wolf Molkentin

    my first Anglo recording :)

    😉 Thank you so much Mike, the encouragement from your side means a lot to me here - I take it from you that I‘m on my way...
  4. Possibly so, but this might lead us back to the topic - better/longer-lasting reliability of a newly-made instrument? sound quality? specific issues of „top-modern“ makes, depending on availability of materials? I’m aware of concerns and musing of some fellow concertinists... So what would you say, Alex?
  5. @alex_holden might be willing to make one (and he is a craftsman extraordinaire), don't know how long his waiting list would be...
  6. Wolf Molkentin

    consecutive notes

    I guess I would involve another note at one point - will have to try out which (possibly G) and where this evening...
  7. Wolf Molkentin

    Repair/Check up/tuning new Stagi A18

    Harry Geuns springs to my mind (albeit aprox. 160 km from Ghent). Best wishes - 🐺
  8. Wolf Molkentin

    Highs and Lows of concertina playing

    I guess you have it right, however I haven't been able to verify that within 20 seconds, there's at least a lot of - partly serious - musing to go through.. The impact will hardly affect the pitch, but possibly the response; although this will not be that much of an issue with free reeds... (different with woodwinds apparently).
  9. Wolf Molkentin

    my first Anglo recording :)

    Thanks a lot, glad that you like my take - it was your Crabb that really got me started (re Anglo)... Best wishes - 🐺
  10. Wolf Molkentin

    Do many players play more than one system?

    So it's you who bought the huge instrument from Theo? I had been musing about the measurements before deciding to go for the Crane... (out of curiosity: would you care to give me the size across the flats?). Congrats in any event! Best wishes - 🐺
  11. Wolf Molkentin

    Anglo in F

    it‘s in Gmix/Gdor, so not playable on a 20b I reckon... (you would need a Bb in the B section, no prob with more buttons), whereas harmonies include Fmaj and Dmin as for me, so transpose from here and see which „chords“ are available, or welcome different harmonies when shifting the melody...
  12. Wolf Molkentin

    Do many players play more than one system?

    This had been my understanding I think. And as you say, for a listener I would agree; but I wouldn’t expect the player to make the switch as easily as between tunings (Joni Mitchell springs to mind), as the coordination of finger and hand action is so different regarding the Anglo, English and Duet concertina... (so even the ordinary guitarist might learn the different tabs, whereas switching between the concertina systems is perfectly manageable, just like learning to play guitar and banjo, or concertina and melodeon, all „new“ instruments).
  13. Wolf Molkentin

    Anglo in F

    but obviously your instrument has 26b at least, otherwise A maj wouldn’t work, at least not the entire scale... (I apologize for not having noticed that in the first place)
  14. Wolf Molkentin

    Anglo in F

    works a treat even on 20b instruments, particularly with the low A variant (rather than C or D) on the pull (and A Dorian as well since you have the F# notes available), but only „natural“, not „harmonic“ with G# as leading note... Best wishes - 🐺
  15. Wolf Molkentin

    Do many players play more than one system?

    You certainly have a point here, Rüdiger. Nevertheless, I can‘t perfectly agree with the rest of your post. There’s no analogy to push/pull, and much less to left/right end buttons IMO. Of course the sound remains the same, more or less, but switching between the systems is rather about not necessarily be confused than transferring skills (which surely can happen in certain respects but not on a wider basis I‘m afraid). Best wishes - 🐺