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  1. another idea: since the instrument is not of vintage built, there may be a problem with the sealing of the particular reed block
  2. gladly - I reckon you've followed the link as provided in my previous post; what I can say about the instrument is that it's a C/G in the usual octave but only 5" (127mm) across the flats (exactly like a piccolo), it is extremely loud (despite having leather baffles which I thus didn't even consider to remove), but with a nevertheless sweet and pleasant (full and rich) tone. As per Andrew Norman it's most likely of continental origin, possibly by an (unnamed) maker in Germany, but built in the manner of English makes (dove-tailed reed shoes in individual reed chambers, arranged radially). I had to change the pull reed behind LH button 6 (from C to A) to fit my needs (analogous to my other Anglos, which I had in part also adapted in this way myself). It's really fun to play it standing up (which I'm hardly able to to with my Englishes, given my 8-fingers style...), as premiered at my eldest son's wedding. Feel free to ask, you're very welcome. Best wishes - 🐺
  3. I have bought plenty of concertinas (mainly of the English system, but also several Anglos and one very beautiful Crane Duet; all for my playing) over the years - anyway, a very special 20b Anglo is my most recent acquisition (with a terribly long period of waiting for its arrival), and I'm only playing that one at the present time, it's a fantastic system, so much can be done with its limited keyboard!
  4. awesome, Sandra - and I‘ve been there so many times, eagerly anticipating the arrival of a certain parcel - I wish you a wonderful journey with your newly acquired first „real“ concertina.
  5. as you may guess I would support the second one (Lachenal, I paid considerably less however, but then again this one my well be worth the asking price), and I‘m sceptical re the fourth (Wheatstone from a period of lesser quality, but possibly a good one nevertheless), re hybrids I‘m out do to a lack of any personal experience
  6. I have two of these - a 30b G/D and a 38b C/G, and love them both (the G/D is about superb IMO)
  7. of course, I missed your being located in the US - a seller would replace original bellows only if need be, they can be that reliable - you‘ll probably be able to spot a similar instrument in the US as well - the quality of Lachenal concertinas varies a lot, but rosewood ended instruments can be quite nice but affordable
  8. assuming that the Anglo route is where you want to go ahead, have a look at Lachenal - Ref: A30L8 as per the website of one of the confidable dealers in the UK, Andrew C. Norman: http://www.acnorman.co.uk - „for sale“ (just an IMO fitting example which seems to be currently available - adding that I bought several concertinas from them and was always perfectly happy with the instrument and the support)
  9. You beat me to at, Alex - I strongly second this suggestion!
  10. but I doubt that people like us have been common enough for makers to consider 😊
  11. indeed, as mentioned above, for me it’s 1/6 and not 1/4 or 1/8
  12. Lachenal baritone ECs have a mix of radial and parallel reed chambers
  13. Of course that’s correct Alex, however my understanding was that Sandra was well aware of that and just trying to approach the „symptoms“ by means of the valves (which might be successful to some extent, but at cost of the response)
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