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  1. I built my first guitar at your age with just a set of plans and very few tools. I used the materials I had to hand, it had a plywood top, formica sides and it sounded awful. However, I played it for a number of years and it was a great introduction to instrument making. There are many other "simple" projects that you can start with, such as whistles made of pvc pipe. However, if you have your heart set on a concertina I would try to get a fixer-upper and get familiar with the workings/parts and develop your skills.
  2. For sale: Crabb (Ball Beavon & Co) C/G 31 Button + Air, complete with Fallon hard case. Serial No. 8770, made in 1904. $6150 which includes shipping to CONUS This concertina is in great playing condition and has a wonderful tone. New 'Dipper' bellows were fitted in 1996. In 2007 Wim Wakker did some mild restoration work, which included: tuning, replacing valves, pads, springs and bushings as well as setting button height and spring tension. It has a 'Jeffries' layout with the exception of the first button on the RH accidental row. This is c#/c#, (push/pull), the c# can be replaced with the original d# reed to return it to the more ‘standard’ Jeffries layout of d#/c#, (push/pull), if desired. The drone button on the left hand side is C/C. There is a photo showing a very faint stamping, which I believe is “Ball Beavon & Co London“, although only “& Co London” is visible. The concertina, sometime in its history has passed through the hands of Rushworth and Dreaper and has their plaque attached. Included with the concertina will be a Fallon hard case, hexagonal wooden case with key, the original hand rests, and original d# reed to return it to a “standard” Jeffries layout along with the original low D reed if you wish to replace the low A on the G row with it. Please contact me with any questions. Dave
  3. I'm also going and have been before. It's a great week, meeting old friends and leaning new tunes. Noel also puts on a wonderful concert for the students during the week. If the weather's not too hot he will most likely hold it in the old school house. Linda is always very efficient and if you have payed up I'm sure your on the list, although it wouldn't hurt to send Linda an email to check. Dave
  4. I have been asked for some more photos of inside the concertina and reed pans, so here they are.
  5. For Sale: Wakker A2, C/G with 30 buttons + air, 6 fold bellows, English Walnut ends, complete with hard case. The concertina is light, very fast and has great dynamic range. I purchased this new from Wim in December 2008. For more details of the A2 please see Wim's web site http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/A-2.htm It has a 'Jeffries' layout with the exception of the first two buttons on the RH accidental row. These are c#/c#, c#/d# (push/pull), this is the same layout as Wally Carroll uses on his concertinas http://www.carrollconcertinas.com/images/CarrollButtonConfig.jpg This a great chance to buy a concertina from one of the top makers without the 2-3 year wait. $4250 + Shipping & Insurance. Please contact me with any questions. Dave
  6. Alan, Wim has a very good explanation here: Wim's explanation Dave
  7. I have a C# push/pull on the 1st RHS Accidental button on both the 30 button C/Gs I own. I play ITM and don't miss the push Eb. It seems a bit excessive to have 3 C#s, but then it is only a single reed change from the "standard" Jeffries layout. I have kept the original Eb reed from my Crabb so that it can always be returned to the original Jeffries layout if required. I haven't made any changes the LHS as it seems to work fine just as it is. Dave
  8. This topic on "Spring Tension" might be of interest. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...ic=6314&hl= There are some good ideas on how to measure button force, as well as a guage I made out of an old pen that I used to set spring tension. Dave
  9. Dick, that's what you call 'sticker shock'. I'll have to think twice before moving back to the UK (I've been over in the US since 1990). I did return for a visit in May of this year and was blown away by the cost of living, as well as forgetting how expensive it was to eat out. However, I do miss the beer and it was great to get a pint or two of real ale down, although the pubs have changed a lot since my last visit. Dave
  10. I also highly recommend the Storm iM2075 case. It is waterproof and has great latches that will not burst open. With the Pick 'n Pluck foam it is really easy to shape the internal cavity to fit your concertina. However, make sure you check the internal dimensions to insure that your concertina will fit. I got mine for less than $40 from: http://www.imcasesnow.com/ but have not checked to see if there is a source for these in the UK. Dave
  11. I'd like to thank everyone who contacted me with regard to my Suttner concertina. It has now been sold and will soon be on its way to the new owner. The usual donation will of course be made to Cnet. Dave
  12. I have for sale a Suttner A2 31 button + air in C/G with Jeffries accidentals, serial number 259. I purchased this new in 2005, it is in excelent condition and comes complete with the original hard case. It has 7-fold bellows with flat German silver ends and a C/C 'drone' button under the left hand thumb. Suttner's curent price is approx. $5800 with a 4 year wait. I'm asking $6100 with the usual donation going to Cnet if sold here. For more information or to try the concertina out in person (I’m located near Portland, OR) contact me by email through the forum. Cheers, Dave
  13. Mike, It may be that you just have long fingers, as well as the straps also being too tight. When I played the Wakker (WA2) "Traveler" I found I had to have the straps looser that I do on my Crabb (30 button C/G) in order to reach the inside row with ease. The Wakker did have the inside row closer to the hand rest than other concertinas I have played, with Suttner being one of the longest reaches. For reference here are some measurements I made. The distance quoted is from the hand rest to the center of the g/a button (C/G concertina) inside row on the left side. Waker WA-2 46mm Crabb (30 button) 49mm Suttner A2 (30 button) 54mm I also concur with Jim’s advice on contacting Wim Wakker to see if he could make adjustments for you. Dave
  14. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wim Wakker; he recently did a complete action overhaul on my Crabb concertina which I am very please with. He has now relocated to Spokane, WA. Below is a quote from his post with regards to relocating. "We will be closed during most of February and will open again for restorations only on March 1st. At this moment our schedule is pretty open…If you have an instrument in need of work, and don’t want to wait a long time.. this is your chance." Dave
  15. On the video I think he plays the following (not sure if the DVD is the same): Jimmy Ward's Jig, The Kesh, Bobby Casey's Jig and Last Night's Fun. Dave
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