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  1. Dave C-- Thanks for your suggestions. I was worried about those gussets, which at the moment seem to be in great shape, but I think that wouldn't be the case if I started playing this much. I appreciate the inspiration to get it into solid condition, which I intend to do. Thanks again...Paul
  2. Greetings! I know this is not a concertina, but I saw something very similar posted here once under a discussion of a "flutina" and I seemed to me that the folks here would likely be able to identify this instrument that I inherited, and give me some sense of its rarity and so on. There is a little missing veneer on the bottom, and I have two pads that have fallen off. You can see in the images I've attached that several of the pearl keys have come off, and there is a missing nail on one of the odd sliding keys (they seem to be drones) on the sides of the keyboard. It still plays, though I recognize that I shouldn't really be doing that. It has a reed setup like a harmonica, where the compression stroke gives you the tonic notes, and the expansion gives you the dominant. I am certain there is an official term for that, and my inability to use it reveals my ignorance, alas. I wonder whether I should reattach the pearl keys and pads (use a dab of Titebond, or hide glue?), and replace the missing brass nail with an equivalent. I'm a string musician, and have built and restored stringed instruments, but I hesitate to do anything to this since it is in near-mint original condition. It sure seems to be in good condition for something this old. I appreciate any information or advice...thanks!, Paul
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