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  1. Gary...you are absolutely correct about East Texas humidity....no one responded as to the best range of temperature to keep them at??????! I am originally rom Hawaii..and considering moving back their or most likely to San Diego in a couple of years loved the weather there. Stephen
  2. [ Interesting discussion. Is there a humidity range that is recommended or is it 50% period. Stephen
  3. US Texas and I ordered one ...how can you pass it up. In case in States folks are wondereing it is Five pounds to have it sent to the US.
  4. Hi Gary, Do I need to register other than informing you that I am attending? It would be great to have access to some of the music before hand! Looking forward to meeting you. Stephen, Tyler Tx
  5. ... Stephen, (great name and spelling btw), Thank you for taking the time to write you comments. As a first time participant in any gathering where there was another concertina player...I really did not know what too expect. I have renewed enthusiasm .... Stephen Tx (only about 30-40 miles from Palestine)
  6. [quote name='Dirge' A 'power bulge' in the ends ('raised ends') is quality, and they're usually pretty good actually. An odd number of sizes, 8 or 12, is even better; they're top of the range, aeolas and edeophones. Hi Dirge, Could you explain what you mean by "An odd number of sizes, 8 to 12, is even better, they're top of the range, aeolas and edeophones". I have a raised metal ended edeophone Serial 48055...how do I determine the model number? Thank you, Stephen
  7. I say "here-here" to Greg and Randy’s and others positive supportive comments. I just made reservations for the Palestine Texas gathering in March...I have only been squeezing since Aug. 2011. Lessons from Pauline de Snoo..I can find my way around the keyboard but admittedly have great opportunities ahead of me with speed, rhythm, chording and expression. Plus I am no way near playing by "ear". But I figured hey the way to learn is "jump in there". I received a nice acknowledgement of my attendance from Gary Coover for the Palestine group which I appreciated. In his email he said he "was looking forward to hearing my playing". This made me nervous! I thought to myself "damn I have a lot of practice before then..." Pardon my long winded story to make the following point. It is good to know there is alot of support out there and CNET has contributed very positively to this for me. Now I need a lesson on concertina players ettiquete asI know there are going to be many accomplished concertina players at Palestine. Should I limit myself to the beginners (book or no book)? I don’t know!
  8. Randy, I second your comments on Greg J. he has refurbished two concertina's for me and he is a pleasure to work with, very educational to a newbie like me, proposes you with options and is one hell'uva nice fella. God Bless him. Stephen
  9. I am planning on attending for my first time as this is my first "concertina" year. (Actually, maybe my second since I started in July, 2011. :-) I live in Tyler, Texas which 53 miles from Palestine. Flying into the Tyler airport is another option, we have American Eagle and United/Continental service with regional aircraft Stephen
  10. I am learning myself, I know that is a hard instrument to play, but I have a good ear and a lot of patience, I hope someone can help me to play English music, I found it interesting. Thanks Kind Regards Congratulations Juan, I purchased my first concertina a Lachenal a short 6 months ago and I like you am thrilled to be part of the family so-to-speak. Now what you will have to control is the urge to buy more concertinas. I was told this but did not necessarily believe it. But here I am in Texas now with three concertinas my original Lachenal Tutor (whose mellowness of sound I love), A Wheatstone and a Lachenal Metal ended Edeophone. I am looking forward to chatting with you. I am taking lessons online via Skype from Pauline de Snoo in Holland and learning alot from all the experts here. Oh what a small world we live in. Looking forward to chatting with you. Stephen Knoll, Tyler, Texas
  11. Randy, Thank you this will be fun to sink my teeth into.
  12. I just downloaded this wow full of information --thank you so much
  13. It's available as a PDF download on free-reed.co.uk: http://www.free-reed...tinaworkhop.pdf
  14. Roger, I have joined ICA and I think the scholarship idea is a fantastic one. How is this funded?
  15. Geoff, Forty years is quite an accomplishment. I think the role model is a fantastic idea. I wonder if we might get Justin Bieber interested. I know from my discussion with Pauline de Snoo she is engaging younger people too. It must boil down to being a home based effort.
  16. Stephen, the 'Geoff' on this site who has a three (or more) generation involvement with Concertina making and repairing would be Geoff Crabb , not me.It was from Geoff Crabb's father that I bought my first good concertina. But I have been playing (and fixing concertinas) for nearly forty years. The instruments that I make are the Uilleann Pipes (the Irish pipes) which I have been lucky to be able to help some young people obtain at the right age to really learn the thing properly. Regarding the government support in France for music studies (and I suppose other subjects too); the courses are not free, at least in our area, but are at a cost that anyone should be able to afford. My wife has been studying the Cornemuse (one of the French Bagpipes) at the local music school for the last three years at a cost of about 170 Euros ($200) per year. There she has access to the very best of teachers. I realise that finding a Concertina ,or a teather for it, is not something available on any street corner but the situation has greatly improved over the time I have been involved. Certainly a website like this one is a great help to us all. Geoff, Forty years wow...Thanks for the clarification. Stephen
  17. Geoff, Kautilya, Ceemmonster, Geoff I read somewhere that your family has been with Concertinas for three generations. Wow! I didn't expect this to be a "new" idea but I thought the discussion would be interesting and informative (and it certainly has been). I guess all starts with us as individuals too in terms of what we might have to offer. I found the government funding of music education in France to be quite interesting. Being a newbie myself...I guess I will keep an eye out for a newer newbie and see how I personally might be able to help. You all (this site) willingness to share knowledge has been a mind blowing experience. The only downside is that it takes away time I should be practicing. Stephen in Texas
  18. Making concertina's Available to Younger People I recently joined the ICA and I found Pauline de Snoo's introduction to several of the ICA magazines to be very informative and eye opening, in particular her objective to get more young folks involved with the Concertina. I personally delayed entry largely due to the cost and not realizing that there is such a tremendous support group of you folks out there. I made the leap and I love it. Pardon the digression. I however, am not what one would consider a "young person" (young in heart perhaps)and I have noticed that most of us are like a good wine.... Needless-to say Pauline's objective (and I am sure many of yours) of getting young people involved is appears to me to be a very important activity. I would be willing to get involved. I don't have the answers but just brainstorming would there be a way to somehow develop a program (perhaps through ICA) that would make it reasonable and affordable and enjoyable to get young men and women involved. I am sure this group would be full of ideas and thought it would make for an excellent discussion. Finally, I also want to credit a post Kautiyla's made in the "buy and sell Forum" that in addition to Pauline got me thinking what a great idea.
  19. Having to smile to myself as "cock up" must be a Queen's English term eh! Americans would interpret it quite differently I assure you. :-)
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