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  1. Kautilya, Is the A4 sheet of paper approach If u want to use the dots as an up and down flow guide for your ear and to help your ear memory it is very difficult to read em off a full score on one sheet of paper...print is too small. Think the bouncing dot on song words across the theatre/cinema screen for singalongs Kautilya: Oh! now I know what you mean by A4! Poster paper as we call it in the States; I can see that this would be helpful with memorization of a song but how does it connect with playing by ear? StephenTx
  2. Congratulations on your new acquisition, Stephen. But I thought your baritone serial number dates it to 1854, the same year as mine, not 1865, as you have put above. Has it got younger crossing the Atlantic, perhaps? Anyway, I hope you get hours of enjoyment playing it. Chris Chris ....you know I have looked through the ledgers the serial # is 5180, what is yours? I have been unable to find the exact entry, but I only went through three ledgers. What is yours serial #? Man I love playing it more each day. Kautilya Another variant -the A4 sheet of paper approach (before switching to ear only! the file name should be learning not earning; but may be busking also improves yr skills faster! Kautilya, Is the A4 sheet of paper approach the diagram contained in the link? The diagram sums it up as practice (20 minutest a day), I think I probably play 1 hour a day. My challenge now is not to play the songs I can read fairly well but to work on the ear training. Bottom line in the article which is so true: "find what works for you". Well Stephen get to it you have received one helluva lot of great advice.Stephen Texas
  3. John, Great advice and I will JUST DO IT. Thank you so much and you will be hearing more from me. Stephen TX
  4. Geoff, You are always so generous in providing great information and mentoring. Now I have printed yours as well as the others contributions...and I am going for it. Incidentally, I received my 1865 Wheatstone EC Baritone yesterday and I LOVE IT. It is great when I sing with it. For years I have been a tenor, but I really think I must be a baritone as it was so easy to hit the notes with the baritone. What a wonderful warm sound and such a clean instrument. I bought it (won the Eba auction) from David Robertson. Now ...on with learning by ear. I can promise I will be back and seeking your expert advice. Stephen Tx
  5. Friends-I have been playing my English concertinas a year now and in retrospect I am happy with my progress. Through my initial Skype lessons with Pauline DeSnoo, lots of practice and advice from many of you I have become comfortable with reading music and being able to navigate the buttons albeit more practice is needed timing, tempo, expression and playing in a group as I don't have anyone in my area. My question now is how to begin to learn (in the most expedient way) to play by ear? I know that this skill must be learned to fully internalize oneself with the instrument and vice versa. I have scoured the Internet and read many an articles from "high faulting" music theorist with all the music jargon to other with a more practical approach. Don't get me wrong as I have learned a hell'uva alot from reading, lessons and here on CNET. I am not a musical person by occupation but more by vocation and heart ; meaning the less theoretical the approaches would appeal most to mm, while I do understand that it will take a combination of both. I have done many online searches for learning by ear software, so any advice in that direction would be appreciated. I would love to receive ya'all's (a Texas term) advice and seek your assistance once again. Stephen in Texas[/size]
  6. Thank you for posting this as a result I won it on ebay!

  7. I have an beautiful metal ended Edeophone treble 48 keys, I am going to sell. My email is stephenknoll@yahoo.com

  8. Congrats, Stephen! I hope you spend many hours enjoying playing it, as I have been doing with my 1854 baritone. Being only 19 serial numbers apart, they are almost brothers. Chris Thanks Chris....I am excited and will gladly receive and most likely look for advice in the future. As we say in Hawaii "where I am from" Mahalo brahStephen
  9. And the winner is none other than myself a very happy CNET winner with winning bid of 1700 GBP. I of course was devouring every word of this discussion thread and went for it and the rest is history. I look at winning as simply obtaining the stewardship for the instrument for ever how long I am allowed to do so. Stephen in Texas ps And in appreciation for finding out about the instrument on CNET I have made a donation to CNET.
  10. In some of the past discussions regard the "colored buttons" there seems to be a general thought that these instruments were tutors and not perhaps of equal quality to those that do not have the colored buttons. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. StephenTx
  11. Hey Shelly, I love this and would love to get a copy of the music. Loved the tune.... Stephen Tx We need to chat I have been wondering how all is going with you.
  12. Johanna, Thank you so much for taking the time. I will check out to see if I can locate the tune book also. Stephentx
  13. One of our members Johanna is selling a Lachenal and played the above tune which has caught my fancy. It seems to be on his "Dance of the Daffodils" I have searched the Internet to no avail and she learned to play it by ear (a skill I marvel at!). If anyone can head me in a direction it will be much appreciated. Thank you StephenTx
  14. Hi Johanna, I would love to add you as a friend.

  15. Hi Paddy, I have sent you a private message. Stephen Texas
  16. Hi Paddy, Would you consider $2300.00

  17. I was so excited to be there in the morning on the first day as everyone was friendly and I enjoyed meeting the cnet members. However, I went to lunch at Applebee's and got into some bad food (or something) and got ill. Was not any fun lying in bed and up and down to the bathroom so I returned home to Tyler which is fortunately only 45 miles away. Next year! StephenTx
  18. Hey Adam, I sent you an email....to keep in touch. Stephen

  19. Your right this was a scam and I too recognized it from a craiglist posting several months ago. So I thought I'd play this further. He was asking a "buy it now" price of either $1500.00 or 1,800. so I offered this contingent on me picking up the concertina in person and exchanging the funds for the concertina. He wrote back saying that he wants to sell it through ebay so that they will get their percent of the sale. yada yada. Almost the same time I got an email from ebay telling me it was removed. I sent them a copy of the email I received from him. So I hope they are able to do something with it.
  20. Hi may I suggest you consider making a donation to cnet once it is sold in so far as you did market it here. Thank you.
  21. Hi, What are you asking for it?

  22. Convinced not to change my lady. I have been playing "Pauline" the grand ole 1862 concertina with the smaller metal button quite consistently over the past two days AND I have come to the conclusion that it is just a matter of getting use to her buttons. This coupled with this discussion has lead me to be satisfied with her as she is. Alex, your advice was great (which I had thought of) destroying a "conversation grade antique"....Hey the lady has been doing fine since 1862 and she is now beautiful thanks to a wonderful refurbishment by Greg J. Thank you too Theo. I enjoyed the discussion...thank you all. Stephen from Texas.
  24. Doesn't anyone have any thoughts on button-key replacement? I am feeling kind of ignored. but of course this won't be the first time. Seriously I would love to hear from some of you.
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