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  1. Don, yes I have but it was another email address, thank you
  2. RAC Your great thank you thank you everyone on has been so helpful. I love this group. I need to digest it all C and rest assured more questions to hollow through y’allhelpfulness.
  3. RAC Your great thank you thank you everyone on has been so helpful. I love this group. I need to digest it all C and rest assured more questions to hollow through y’all helpfulness.
  4. Rac(is that your name) first of all thank you for taking the time to respond. As I mentioned to Geoff I have a very similar voice to Dave very strong Voice training musical theater and opera. When I ran into Dave singing I thought to myself this is what I want to do I don’t want to be tied to the Sheet music. What did you mean by the statement “basic chord shapes on your instrument and find a groove that suits “ Why would the chord shape change by instruments (I am sure I must be taking this too literal). Thanks again
  5. Geoff Thank you there’s always some questions ”Play the three chord trick”you mean the 1,3,5? yes I have a Chord chart. But what if I know the words and I don’t want to get hung up my having to pay the melody but just want to play the chords like Dave is doing. Show this to complex of a question to ask on here but that’s what I would like to be able to do. Believe it or not my voice is very similar to Dave Coffins, yeArs of voice lessons (Musicaltheater and opera in Younger days) guess what I’m trying to figure out and your discussion tricks are helping me get closer to it although I get lost when you start talking about the “minors“ So if I’m going to play chords it seems like I always need to know what key I am singing in in order to figure out what chords to use. Stephen
  6. Hi thank you for your response. Yes I do know it is an English concertina Bass baritone and that he is singing the melody.But other than that being a health care provider, I have no idea of The response not through any fault of yours up definitely but my Lack of knowledge of music theory. I understand that he is singing the melody but I am completely lost with Regards to the cord progression. Is this hard to learn and how do you determine search for a piece of music? ThanK you for taking the time to respond Stephentx
  7. This is what I want to be able to do. On CNET I was browsing and someone mention Dave Coffin(actually the discussion was him using wrist braces so I wondered what those were and I did some Internet searching). But when I ran into was very educational as I viewed yes many sessions on YouTube. This is exactly what I would like to be able to do with regards to playing I know he’s playing chords but what he’s doing sounds a little bit different from what I’ve heard before because it’s all chords. I would like to have a discussion and hear peoples thoughts on his technique and what he is doing is beautiful. I hope this works
  8. Geoff,  I actually had the surgery about three years ago and it is much better 

    but it was to the point that that joint was bone on bone. I am a anesthetist and in my day we didn’t wife spread use have

    anesthesia ventilators So we sat there squeezed in a bag for hours breathing for the patient I’m sure that had an impact on the joint over the  years.   I have also had jobs that require lots of typing so thank you for your suggestion regarding the pads I’ll get in touch with button box to see what they might have

    1. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Ah  yes  Stephen,  lots of  wear and tear.  I  am  thankful my  hands still have some  flexibility  as I  have also  worked them  hard  and  continue to do so  ..;though 70  years old and still hand making musical  instruments  with no plans to  retire.  I  do  play  my concertinas  for  half an hour  every morning  , just to  keep  my fingers  supple.

      I  suggest  playing sitting down and rest  an end of your concertina  on each  thigh, use the  wrist  straps  too.

    2. StephenTx


      Hi Geoff yep I have you beat on age, I’m 74 and still Working full-time and like you with no immediate plans to retire. I work for the national accrediting agency for hospitals and I’m very fortunate in that I am able to work from home.Working full-time and like you with no immediate plans to retire. I work for the national accrediting agency for hospitals and I’m very fortunate in that I am able to work from home. Here’s to


    3. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Well, good for you  Stephen....  far too many  young retired people  enjoying  a  fat  pension  in France.  Makes  me  spit!  My  neighbour  retired  at  60  after  40  years of  emptying cash  from parking meters, some people have it  soft.  

      I work  far more slowly  than I  used to  but  I am lucky to  be able to  charge  far  more  for  the finished product  than I  used to.  


      Picture of my wife and I  playing  with  Gerald O'Loughlin   at  a  bar  just  behind the Cliffs of Moher  about 30 years ago...  photo  by  Peter Laban.

      St.Bridget's Well.jpg

  9. Geoff Hi, My Baritone arrives at Button Box to get fitted for wrist straps And I am really hoping that it helps. I have had joint thumb surgery on my right thumb where they actually go in and put a cushion between the bone by transferring one of your tendons and rolling it up and sticking it in the joint. https://eorthopod.com/resection-excision-arthroplasty-of-the-thumb/ It has helped tremendously prior to the surgery I wasn’t even open able to open the lid on a bottle of water. My only problem now is that a plane they concertina for a while it becomes very sore. I also use a neck strap (A student of PaulinedeSono).
  10. Geoff, As always thank you for your reply to my question. So the straps look like they really go around the rest area. Are they typically made in a fashion that are adjustable? Stephentx
  11. Hi Geoff, because of my thumb issues which I’ve had surgery I am wanting to get a hand or is it a wrist strap for my EC Baritone And I ran across this discussion from 2016 where you stated that you use them. I’m going to have Greg J. Put them on. Would you like chats be so kind as to send me a picture or two of what the straps look like. Do they go across the hand or do they go across the wrist. I know they must be helping on the pull. Thank you so much. Here is a picture of my baritone serial number 5180 all that I got from David Robertson back in 2012. What are your thoughts with regards to the fact that they have the colored Buttons with the note designation I’ve seen some discussion on here claiming that they are tutors and if they do. David I don’t think agrees with that particularly would be interested in your thoughts. Once again I truly appreciate your time and expertise. Stephentx
  12. Hi you have me curious, I am very interested in your “Matueswitch@ Métis of teaching. Would you be so kind as to explain the methods. Thank you Stephen. Randy if you would please send me your contact info via my email I misplaced our previous correspondence stephenknoll@yahoo.com Thank you
  13. Michael Beautiful thank Was great to listen to first thing in the morning. What model Wheatstone is your Concertins. Steel reeds? Did I count 7 bellows. She has she a beautiful tonality. Stephentx
  14. Thank you but I’m confused why is there a difference in the entry I found see attached and entry you found 4950? And I’m still trying to determine what the model is.And I’m still trying to determine what the model is.
  15. Drawing on your expertise again. My Wheatstone Serial #4950 I was able to find in the sales ledger from 1852. Greg Jowaisas Refurbished it for me several years ago I don’t recall what model it is or it would be called as I can’t locate any production ledgers look forward to your experts comments thank you
  16. Stephen So helpful and educational, what abou 1E,purple, b11(?) red, orange arrow and 1 d down at the bottom thank you Thank you so much I’m learning a lot what about these ledger entries
  17. Thank you as a result of your answer I was able to Google the following Below is a selection of our range of English style concertinas. We would be pleased to quote for your specific requirements. Our Conditions of Sale apply. If you have any queries please contact us. No. 2E Treble range Concertina, 48 keys from G below middle C to C. 6-fold bellows. No. 3E Treble range Aeola, 48 keys from G below middle C to C. 6-fold bellows. 6 1/2" Octagonal. No. 4E Tenor treble range Aeola, 56 keys, extended below middle C to tenor C. 7-fold bellows. 7 1/4" Octagonal. No. 5E Tenor range Aeola, 48 keys from tenor C to F. (Also available as Tenor in F). 7-fold bellows. 6 3/4" Octagonal.
  18. Good day, Would someone be so kind as to help Interpret the attached pictures of a wheat stone ledger. first of all what does the green arrow 2E and red arrow 4e mean? And the following arrows by color Blue Orange Yellow Purple I understand the last two columns are the serial number and the date of manufacture. thank you all so much for the education Stephentx
  19. Congratulations what is the range of the 48 buttons. I also was wondering what has your experience been Or others reading this post to have a hand strap on an English does it in Hibbett play does it take the pressure off the thumbs I would be interested in thoughts of people who have actually put hand straps on the English
  20. Thank you but as U said I’m trying to down size
  21. Hi I guess I should’ve asked a question do you know if it’s a baritone or tenor
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