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  1. And Stephen is very please and looking forward to Friday when she shall arrive. Heidi you have been an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know.
  2. How many concertinist show up? I will check it oust.
  3. Once again Geoff thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences so freely.
  4. No I do not have the Edeophone anymore... I traded it back to Harry Crabb in 1974 against a Wheatstone Tennor Treble Aeola which served me for the following ten years.. and I have played Wheatstones ever since. The Edeophone was a wooden ended 48 treble and although it was a nice instrument the button action was noisy and stiff. I did have one other Edeophone that I bought from a member of this forum in 1975 which was a 63key Piccolo/ treble. This one had the Rivetted type key action of the Wheatstones and was a very beautifull instrument, again with wooden ends, but it was designed to have the tone of a Flute/Piccolo (most likely for playing in a Concertina Band) and a fine sound it did have but I was into playing Dance music and wanted a big loud sound which I was getting from my Wheatstone... so I passed it on to someone else. I feel that the rivetted action combined with the Wheatstone's metal covered wooden buttons makes for a much superior keyboard which is a vital part of an English Concertina. The fact that, at times, one might need to hit a button at an angle of more than 45° to the vertical, especially on the larger 56 and 64key versions, due to a hand position that needs to stay in place so that other keys can be actuated at the same moment, requires of the EC keyboard a very light but positive touch. This is helped by the light weight buttons and the firmly pivoted levers. I feel also that the wooden button is not so hard on the finger tips.. and I am no Softy, my hands work hard for me every day. One of the things I spend the most time on is setting up my EC keyboard and every one that I've owned has needed adjustments of button height,spring weight and Bushing fit. Wim Wakker offers a replacement rivetted action for any concertina and he especially likes the Edeophones...... I do not recall ever playing a metal ended Edeophone, although I probably did because I used to repair and tune, and buy and sell Concertinas and have had many through my hands over the years. The last time I played an Edeophone was a couple of summers back, at an Irish music festival here in France.. again this was wooden ended and although a nice instrument it displayed many of the charateristics that made me change to a Wheatstone all those years ago... maybe I have just gotten used to the Wheatstone Action and sound... there are others who swear by the Edeophone... maybe I just was unlucky.... Yours looks to be a great instrument... They have a somewhat different sound and I would be very interested to hear how you get on with it. Please do not think me too negative about Edeophones... it is a bit like Guitars... some like a Gibson and others a Martin.
  5. GEORGE. Clever...now is that with the American pronunciation or the Queens English :-/ Do you still have one Geoff? I would interested in your experiences pro and con..was your a Lachneal metal ended etc?
  6. When I saw you note about Palestine...I thought. "Oh yeah I am going all the way to Palestine from Texas...then I remembered your telling me about a get together in Palestine Te@as that is near me. Sounds great and I will bring her. Where can I get more informatiion about this dates. Activities etc? Thank you
  7. Chris You guy know how to make a new member, since Ult so welcome and I have learned so much toot. I am excited that I am joining the Edeophone club club" and vet anxious to receive her,
  8. Great. Thank you all for your comments. When I get into my opera placement I am very loud. My wonderful Solomon Lachenal brass is my mellow sound but I over whelm him with opera placementplacement.
  9. I am so excited as I am buying this Edeophone. I have been somewhat surprised that there has not been a great deal os discussion as there typically is when an instrument goes up for sale. I have a vet BIG operatic voice and I am really looking forward to owning her. So now that the decision has been made, I am very interested in what you all might have to say as what to expect with this Lahneal Edeophone.
  10. Wrapping my head around Chords further. What I can't get through my thick (non musical theory) head is the relationship of chords to the melodic line. For example I am playing a melodic line of a piece of music---how do the chords fit in? Does each note in the melodic line have a different chord associated with it depending on the melodic note. This is where my mind is getting boggled, I just don't understand the relationship of the chords and the melodic line. I have been reading everthing I can find on the Internet and I'm still confused. Thank ya'all or as we say in Texas thank all Ya'all. :-) you have all been so generous with your knowledge. Stephen the Texas but Hawaii native
  11. Geoff, Just exactly what do you mean by a "Tutor" instrument? What seperates a "Tutor" from whatever the next classification is? Are they made differently? Obviously they must be fairly well made to be around 100+ years? I will appreciate your enlightenment as always. Stephen
  12. Wow Geoff, John and Leonard, Thank you all so much. It is just utterly amazing the willingness each of you have shown to share your knowledge. Geoff and John, it took awhile just to type the explanation you provided. Now to let it all sink and and start utilizing. I am going to read over the material carefully...do some Internet searching and if you all don't mind ask some follow up question. It is a great start guys ...thank you from Texas. Stephen
  13. I am getting pretty good and being able to play the melodic lines even with two notes on each side BUT I am have a hard time understanding how chords are used when you are playing? For example if I have the melody how and when do I know what chord to play if the music is just written as the melody? Any illumination will be appreciated.
  14. To put it lightly I am more than upset with Adam Parthrige Auction house. The item went for a price below my commissioned bid with them and the FORGOT (sure) to place the big. So much for the integrity of Adam Partridge he offered nothing more than "mistakes happen"!
  15. So, these seem like below reasonable prices? Do you think this is a less advertized auction house? wrong time of year? PS I hope you did not accidently bid on cigar cutter! it sounds like something that would happen to me! Michelle
  16. Leo Thank you so much, I was wanting something with more than the melodic line in treble...will be a challege working on all three notes at one time! You all are the best. Appreciatively, Stephen
  17. Hi Stephen Does this PDF work? http://placeart.load.cd/sheetmusic/purchase/sm-72979_o_sole_mio_for_voice_and_piano.html?key=aDm4HUGemIzMWiQrtxKbB2wulFKtuIsM Thanks Leo Leo Thank you so much, I was wanting something with more than the melodic line in treble...will be a challege working on all three notes at one time! You all are the best. Appreciatively, Stephen
  18. Hello I have been looking for an arrangement of O Sole Mio with more than just the melodic line in the treble cleft. Does anyone have one by chance as I would love a copy. I have searched the Internet to no avail....I'm sure I must not know where to look. Thank you from Texas. Stephen
  19. SoYes the auction did occur. I watched it live was quite fascinating. Never knew such a site existed. When I saw this discussion I checked it out and unlike many of you I could not resist low balling a bid on the site for the Baritone of 1000 GAP? I was shocked when it came up for bidding and the hammer dropped at 820 GBP. That's the good news. Late Friday I got an invoice for a cigar cutter at 100 Pounds. Which I assume is a clerical error. Will keep u posted. The bass sold for 900 #9/35*8:&
  20. Isn't that true the balance between "need" vs. "want". Tell me about your custom. By the way to you know the range of a wheatstone treble 56 key?
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