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  1. Geoff,  I actually had the surgery about three years ago and it is much better 

    but it was to the point that that joint was bone on bone. I am a anesthetist and in my day we didn’t wife spread use have

    anesthesia ventilators So we sat there squeezed in a bag for hours breathing for the patient I’m sure that had an impact on the joint over the  years.   I have also had jobs that require lots of typing so thank you for your suggestion regarding the pads I’ll get in touch with button box to see what they might have

    1. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Ah  yes  Stephen,  lots of  wear and tear.  I  am  thankful my  hands still have some  flexibility  as I  have also  worked them  hard  and  continue to do so  ..;though 70  years old and still hand making musical  instruments  with no plans to  retire.  I  do  play  my concertinas  for  half an hour  every morning  , just to  keep  my fingers  supple.

      I  suggest  playing sitting down and rest  an end of your concertina  on each  thigh, use the  wrist  straps  too.

    2. StephenTx


      Hi Geoff yep I have you beat on age, I’m 74 and still Working full-time and like you with no immediate plans to retire. I work for the national accrediting agency for hospitals and I’m very fortunate in that I am able to work from home.Working full-time and like you with no immediate plans to retire. I work for the national accrediting agency for hospitals and I’m very fortunate in that I am able to work from home. Here’s to


    3. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Well, good for you  Stephen....  far too many  young retired people  enjoying  a  fat  pension  in France.  Makes  me  spit!  My  neighbour  retired  at  60  after  40  years of  emptying cash  from parking meters, some people have it  soft.  

      I work  far more slowly  than I  used to  but  I am lucky to  be able to  charge  far  more  for  the finished product  than I  used to.  


      Picture of my wife and I  playing  with  Gerald O'Loughlin   at  a  bar  just  behind the Cliffs of Moher  about 30 years ago...  photo  by  Peter Laban.

      St.Bridget's Well.jpg

  2. Hello Geoff I have to apologize for not getting back to you sooner and letting you know how much I appreciate your notes I'm playing chords I do have some questions you mention playing the cords below the melody line could you explain that a little further?

    1. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Hello  Stephen,  I  will try to  explain.   What I  wrote  was  ' adding  harmonizing  notes  below  the melody'  not  necessarily  chords .

      If  you  add  a note to  the  melody  note,  which is  in its   arpeggio     then it will harmonize.  So  if  you  play  a  C  and you are playing  in the key of  C  then  the  notes of  a major  chord of  C  ( E  and G)  are  the  arpeggio  notes  and you can  safely  use these  to  add  harmony.


      So, the  simplest  harmonies   I  use  are  triads.  Play  a scale  of  C  like this :    C ,  D/B,  E/C, F/A, G/E, A/F, B/G ,C/E.

      Where  the  note after  the slash  is  lower than  the  melody  note  of the scale.


      This is  step  one.

    2. StephenTx


      Geoff,   Thank you for the clarification.   I don't quire understand : "C  like this :    C ,  D/B,  E/C, F/A, G/E, A/F, B/G ,C/E. Could you give an example for this hard head ?  Thank you.

    3. Geoff Wooff

      Geoff Wooff

      Sorry  Stephen,  I  was not  too clear  as I  was trying to  do this  in a hurry,  my  wife wanted to  use  the computer  at  that moment.  So,    play  the  note  C  , then  start to   ascend  the  major  scale  of  C  by  playing  the note D but add a B  to  the  D.  Then move up the scale  , each time  adding  a  harmony  note  below  the  ascending    scale note.


      Sure it is  harder to  describe  than to  do it.

  3. Hi Greg,  I hope this note finds you well I tried to contact you via your email address but perhaps that has changed. As you could say I am back on and getting into the music again after having some thumb surgery and freeing up time as I still work full-time and my job but have made a determination to spend more time with my Music.   How are you doing would love to hear from you. 

  4. change password

  5. Hi I noticed your post, I have a fully resotred brass reeded Lachenal EC very mellow sound that I would consider placing for US 750. I would love to keep it but I have too 3 other concertinas and do not have time to play this one as it should be played. My email is stephenknoll@yahoo.com

  6. Hi Dave, I have an metal ended edeophone that I want to modify for a neck strap ....how would you recommend it be done. Thank you soooooo much very appreciated. Stephen Tx

  7. Thank you for posting this as a result I won it on ebay!

  8. I have an beautiful metal ended Edeophone treble 48 keys, I am going to sell. My email is stephenknoll@yahoo.com

  9. Hi Johanna, I would love to add you as a friend.

  10. Hi Paddy, Would you consider $2300.00

  11. Hey Adam, I sent you an email....to keep in touch. Stephen

  12. Hi, What are you asking for it?

  13. ps...sorry forgot. Same question regarding the Rock Chidley baritone that was discussed in the Forums last week? Thank you...I respect your experience and opinion.

  14. Hi Geoff, I have a question that I will keep between you and I regarding whe Wheatstone Baritone that is for sale. As you recall it seems to need a bellows. If you were making an offer how much would you consider fair? Thank you, Stephen Tx

  15. Hi Shellby I would love chatting with you. My email is stephenknoll@yahoo.com if you like to text my number is 9035700655 Stephen

  16. Hello from the US how are you doing?

  17. Hi Dirge, Off line I just wanted you to know that my response was intended with humor in-so-far as even saying "my mother told me..." That why I ended it with a :-)....seems to have created alot of discussion.... but I was not offended with your note. Stephen

  18. Hello Fellow Gemini, I just recently acquired a Lachneal EC Serial 14450 concertina from England. Externally she looks great but certain buttons do not play and I am certain she needs some work after all she was made in 1870. I placed a post and received many replies lauding you. Can you take a look at my new lady? What would you estimate to be the range of costs stephenknoll@yahoo.com

  19. Hey I really appreciate your help. Received my EC Lachneal today...body looks great but needs tuning and/or new reeds any suggestions as where to send. Any idea as to cost?

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