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  1. I can also vouch for Greg Jowaises (rhymes with 'cases') being a top-notch, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful person. You can't go wrong with him.
  2. What part of Clare are you in? My family is mostly in West Clare, if I might arrange for a meeting. Might I get a phone number or contact info to follow up with you? How are these things arranged?
  3. For whatever it's worth, I believe anglo-concertinas have been massively over-priced in the last couple decades, and that a 'price-correction' is occurring and will continue to occur over the coming years. Articles on this website, documents on concertina history, and testimony from both concertina makers and players informs my (completely non-professional and non-expert) opinion. Prices used to be par with English concertinas in the 80's, and then spiraled higher and higher as the Irish economy went into overdrive with the Celtic Tiger boom. With all due respect, the excesses of the Celtic Tiger economy are now finally coming to light. One of those excesses has been pricing of anglo-concertinas. I believe it may be in the best interest of concertina players to both allow and encourage prices normalizing. The prices that we've been accepting over the last year may have been about as ridiculous as the proverbial Emperor's New Clothes. I may be a fool to speak up, but I may be the fool child in the story pointing at the obvious which has been otherwise ignored. Bravo to any sellers here willing to accept 'lower' prices.
  4. A 32 button lachenal in top condition sold last week on eBay for ca. $2100. RP3 is probably correct in estimating this offer as over-priced.
  5. By way of comparison, a similar lachenal (but in top condition) recently sold on eBay for ca. $2100; so as RP3 said, this is likely highly overpriced.
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