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  1. Hi Karl, it's a long time I didn't connect to the forum. Are you still interested in my Excel file ? Here it is Cheers and enjoy Jacques ConcertinaChordsEn_VH_1.xlsm
  2. Here is a link to an automated Excel spreadsheet I made. This helps the Anglo concertina players to play chords on their instrument. It shows the chord constitution and where to play it on the keyboard. There are two sheets in the document, one for a vertical representation of the keyboard and one for a horizontal representation. I hope this can help some of you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/718h0grux4n66wb/ConcertinaChordsEn_VH.xlsm?dl=0
  3. Djack

    F#m ?

    Hi everybody, after the suggestion of gcoover, I add a new sheet in the excel file for a horizontal view of the concertina, so you have both vertical and horizontal. Any comments are wellcome.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/718h0grux4n66wb/ConcertinaChordsEn_VH.xlsm?dl=0 Bests
  4. Djack

    F#m ?

    Hi everyone, here is the link to the automated excel file. This will help you to see the constitution of any chords (most of them..) and to see how to play it on a 30 keys Anglo Concertina. You also can configre your own keyboard by replacing the letter in each button. Hope this will help some of you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvwicb8bkyte39h/ConcertChordsEn.xlsx?dl=0 Djack
  5. Djack

    F#m ?

    I wrote a little programm years ago, in Excel sheet. It shows you the chords composition and how to play them on an anglo concertina 30 keys. Maybe this can help ? I tried to upload the file but apparently .xlsx files are not accepted by the forum... Is there another way to give you this file ?
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