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  1. You're right, Ken! It has a gorgeous sound...
  2. Also, if anyone has an informed opinion on ballpark value, I'm all ears!
  3. Hi folks! I have an old George Jones 26-key C/G anglo, 26 bone button, lovely mahogany ends, some of the fretwork is a bit broken and dinged but it's a lovely instrument. Warm, mellow tone, not the fastest action but in the hands of someone who can tweak it a bit it would be just splendid. After much agonizing I've decided to part with it because I just don't play concertina anymore and it's a shame for it to be sitting on my mantel when somebody else out there could be enjoying it. Some pics are attached. If anyone's interested and wants to make an offer, feel free to e-mail me at paddydos8baixos@gmail.com (better than paddyleague@yahoo.gr). I can send a video/audio file too. Thanks so much! IMG_7081.HEIC
  4. Hi Mark,

    Sorry, was away for a few days. Thanks for the info - I probably am not interested in a hybrid, but thanks anyway!



  5. Actually, the Crabb and I are within striking distance of Boston. Unfortunately, it's the original town of that name... All the best with the search! David Robertson Why am I not surprised?
  6. I'm in Duxbury, MA if you'd like to play the Geuns Wakker hybrid.


  7. Thanks for the names, Rod. Do you know how I can get in touch with Chris and Greg? Thanks!
  8. And by the way, thanks for the link to the Crabb. Looks lovely.
  9. Hi Ken, and everyone! Well, there's always a line and a promise of a heavily dented checkbook in the concertina universe, isn't there? I know this isn't always realistic when looking for a concertina, but I always like to play an instrument in person before purchasing. Is there anyone within striking distance of Boston who has one for sale?
  10. Paddy:

    Saw your post. I have a Geuns Wakker, 30 button C/G. Nice condition, about 5 years old. It's a hybrid with accordion reeds. I realize that if you're looking for a Jefferies, a hybrid may not work for you. Harry Guens sells these for $3400 although it is reduced if shipped the US and the VAT is deducted. I'd be looking for about $2500.

    Mark Mahoney

  11. Hello folks! After many years of dormancy, I'm returning to the world of Irish concertina playing. I have a sweet old Jones 26-key Anglo (wood ends, bone keys) that I've been playing, and am contemplating an upgrade. So if anyone hears of a (preferably Jeffries) 30-key out there, do let me know! Might contemplate selling/trading the Jones to help pay for a new one. Happy squeezing, Paddy
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