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  1. It is kind of a hobby to me Jim. Whilst I'd love to be a full time musician it is unlikely to meet my mortgage and other overheads.
  2. Youtube video of me playing it here https://youtu.be/O8O1sdItt3g
  3. I'll probably take it along to Swaledale Squeeze if anybody wants to try.
  4. Would the Stewmac guitar screw removal kits do the job? http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Routers_and_Bits/Bits/Guitar_Screw_Rescue_Kit.html
  5. Was provisionally sold but now back available. I have also received a lower offer which I will consider if no other interest over the next few days, as I'm looking to sell asap. The reed pan walls are tapered if that is of interest. Thanks.
  6. Does this mean you have a BT in the pipeline David?
  7. I can see that now I'm looking at it on a reasonably sized screen. I'd never heard of Scates concertinas before this subkect was posted. Very educational site this!
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    I wouldn't dream of hijacking somebody's topic, but I may come back to this one if Lilli doesn't pursue it.
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    Soooo tempting. Must resist.
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    How does a crane duet rate in terms of simplicity of transition from an English Concertina? Brass reeds sound like a very sensible option for something that is likely to be used for accompaniment. Also seems a lot cheaper than an equivalent TT.
  11. Lachenal non-pareil amboyna or somthing similar? Probably replacement bellows.
  12. Another difference is that the finger rest and thumb strap are positioned slightly lower then the equivalent Wheatstone model, making it slightly more of a stretch to reach the treble notes. This would perhaps support Robert's view that it was originally constructed as an F tenor.
  13. Thanks Robert. It sounds like it has been priced appropriately, and that there is a market for such an instrument. I could always seek a part exchange with you if I don't get on with it! The seller has indicated that the B flats are on the outer row as per a treble, so it has possibly been changed at some time in its history. The bellows are quite new and the originals were probably not green. I see that your appears to have been ex Salvation Army. Cheers.
  14. I don't currently own a TT. I was sent one on a trial basis and although it was an excellent box, it just wasn't for me. I was advised that the only difference with this one is that it is like a treble only it goes down to tenor C instead of G. It therefore only goes up to F instead of the treble's C. This isn't a problem for me as I have never found a need to play those higher notes. From my readings through this informative site I understand that a true F Tenor also has the B and Bbs reversed thus allowing you to play in F with normal C fingering.
  15. This ad looks rather familiar to me! http://london.craigslist.co.uk/msg/4908112841.html I'm sure it sold on ebay last year with the same wording.
  16. I may be in line to purchase a Crabb Tenor that was previously sold through Concertina Connection. They still have it on their web site. http://www.concertinaconnection.com/crabb%20tenor.htm . I've seen a similar one that was previously on ebay starting at £2,000, but closed early; presumably sold elsewhere. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crabb-48-Key-Aeola-TENOR-English-Concertina-Extremely-Rare-Restored-/251708832496?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item3a9b03faf0&nma=true&si=OEl2aLP3eZnS%252BEnrhJOWQglBisI%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I'm told it's a F Tenor, and that you can play it like a normal treble only just adjust your fingering up one row. It looks great to me and I believe it may be ideal for normal melodies plus occasional accompaniment. I have little doubt that it is a fine instrument. The only thing I am unsure of is what would be the market price for such an instrument in recently restored condition?
  17. I have a nice Lachenal metal ended 48 button concertina that I recently purchased through the Music Room website. The more observant of you may have seen their ad when they were selling it for £1,200 after they had it on ebay for £1,500. I bought it as a temporary measure whilst my Wheatstone Model 22 is being refurbished, but I have now purchased another Wheatstone (through this site!) so it is surplus to requirements. It has recently had new pads and valves, and it has steel reeds. The 5 fold bellows are in a good order. It plays fairly well, but in my opinion it could be so much better if the chamois was refurbished so that the reeds could sound a little faster and louder than they currently do. This is just my personal opinion, and bear in mind I am comparing it to my Model 22 which is a fairly top end box. I am only looking for around £600 if not sold through ebay. I live in Glasgow, so if you are close then you are welcome to come and try. I can accept Paypal if you would like it shipped, but UK & EU (Euro) countries only please. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6QbCk6nSbmeQndFY04wWlRxMkE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6QbCk6nSbmebDZwWjRXbUUzZjg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6QbCk6nSbmeTEV5WUFSd2lKdGM/view?usp=sharing
  18. I have just purchased this concertina and I am very pleased with it. It has been tuned to concert pitch and I have been able to deal with the non-sounding notes. Many thanks to Tim Harding, and to Tim's friend Margaret who brought the concertina up to Glasgow.
  19. Just went to a phone bidder for £2,300.
  20. I would be inclined to agree with Robert. At the very least have a go at restoring a cheaper concertina first.
  21. I went along to see it yesterday. It is 8" across and starts at low G on the left hand side. In my opinion it is a Model 14 per the ledgers, but I am certainly no expert. It has been tuned to concert pitch in the past and is now overdue a good tuning. I suspect that it has been stored in someone's loft for a long time as it smells of mould. I'd probably want to replace the bellows just to help lose the smell, but if you could deal with the smell in another way then they may be repairable as I didn't identify any significant leaks. I wouldn't pretend to have reasonable knowledge of restoration, but I believe that the case is probably not something you would want to keep. I had the opportunity to try a friend's 64 button BT on Monday, and it was in a significantly better condition than the one on offer. For the limited times that I would use the Baritone notes for song accompaniment I think I would be better off buying a separate baritone so that I don't need to stretch for the treble notes the remainder of the time. I could also then transfer the muscle memory to another baritone in due course.
  22. Don't forget to also add VAT and customs duty which will be payable before you can collect it from the courier in the UK. See https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty . Probably be around 22.5%.
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