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  1. I couldn't send the pm as it says you cannot accept new messages for some reason. I might be interested. Did you ever work out the key layout? How are the reed pans (are they warped in any way?). Finally, I'm assuming you are in Yorkshire? Thanks.
  2. I had a very nice Stagi Tenor Treble 56 button English Concertina for sale last year and it sold for around £175 on Ebay from memory. That's probably the price you will be looking at.
  3. Another one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/C-Jeffries-30-2-key-Anglo-system-antique-Concertina-/162003120362?hash=item25b82370ea:g:~4IAAOSwmmxW4bua I have reported to ebay as clearly too good to be true.
  4. There's a Morse Geordie Baritone for sale at the Music Room's stand at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for Celtic Connections just now. A friend of mine was playing it as I came out from watching Simon Thoumire's Strathspeys and Surreals show, and he had no issues with lack of air. He said he felt that the tone was not quite as sweet as an Albion he tried the year before, but that's a matter of personal taste I suppose. It sounded pretty good to me. £2,800 ish from memory.
  5. Do you get the same note on push and pull?
  6. Yes; looks like someone has hacked into someone's account again to faciltate the scam. I've reported at least 4 of them to ebay.
  7. Possibly a model 24 with 56 keys?
  8. Great Western Auctions is local to me and I tend to pop along at least to try the concertinas that go on sale. I'll probably pop along next weekend if I get the chance. There are usually plenty of bidders at the auction and one or two phone bidders, and this one will also be online, so I would expect it to go for £2k plus regardless of the condition. Still, if you aint in it you can't win it.
  9. I have a nice old Lachenal 48 button English treble that I had bought to restore, but due to work commitments I can't see me getting round to it in the foreseeable future. It has a nice set of steel reeds that will need tuning to concert pitch. The four fold bellows are probably not original to the box, as I would have expected five fold for such a model. It could do with new pads and valves to get it playing well again. Prospective buyer is welcome to come and view if local. I am looking for around the £200 mark. Thanks for viewing.
  10. I have a nice boxed Gremlin Tenor Treble (Tenor C to C) English Concertina that is not used now that I have my Lachenal New Model Tenor. It plays surprisingly well for a modern budget box and it has a nice tone. It has a few minor knocks, but nothing of any significance. I am looking for around £200 plus postage. I live near Glasgow, and potential buyers are welcome to come and try before purchase.
  11. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=17365&hl=peacock
  12. I tried a few Morses at the Music Room. Very nice indeed. I would have been tempted had it been in the UK.
  13. After much dithering I finally committed to purchasing the above concertina, which arrived today. I have to say that David has done an incredible job. It looks like new, or possibly better than new (that's a little before my time!). David's attention to detail is just staggering. Aside from the looks it has a lovely tone for song accompaniment. Now, I just need to locate a Northumbrian Piper! Thanks David.
  14. Please see ebay listing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concertina-Connection-Jack-Baritone-English-Concertina-/281700883727?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4196ae5d0f A surprisingly good Jack Baritone English Concertina, with a nice tone. All original apart from one thumb strap bolt, which has been replaced. This is great if you're thinking of trying a baritone but don't want to commit to the high prices you have to pay to buy a good Wheatstone (£2,000 plus). Bellows etc all in a good condition and all reeds sound. You are welcome to come and try if you live locally (Bearsden, Scotland). Will sell for £100 if not through ebay.
  15. I have sent you a personal message Marina.
  16. Looks like the equivalent of a model 21 EC, which I guess would normally sell for £1500 plus due to the higher demand. Looking at ebay sold listings, 46 button MacCanns don't seem to sell for in excess of £650, albeit they were mainly Lachenals. You seem to get a lot for your money compared to ECs.
  17. I'm sorry I can't provide you with accommodation Jim, but I've reserved Sunday morning to pick you up. Unfortunately you are one week early for the monthly Central Scotland Concertina Group meeting.
  18. It's a pity that this wasn't posted just before or during the Swaledale Squeeze. It looks a nice box and I'm sure some folk would have been happy to make a small detour on the way home. Having seen and heard Jo Riemer play I would be tempted myself. An indication of a price rang would be useful as it's difficult to gauge what the market rate may be. I suspect it varies considerably from one day to the next, though I'm sure that some of the members more knowledgeable than me (i.e., pretty much everybody) may have an idea.
  19. I'm surprised he was not stripped of his knighthood.
  20. I'm sure that Chris Algar will have a very tempting selection of some very nice concertinas at Swaledeale Squeeze this weekend. Maybe I should leave my credit and debit cards at home?
  21. Now sold through the forum. Can someone point me in the right direction of the donate button? I can't seem to find it! Rikki
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