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  1. Here's some information about the latest recording from Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr. They got together (for the first time in 15 years) to play at the 30th Shetland Folk Festival. They had a blast and went on to record another album - their first was an LP recorded in 1990 called 'Hootz!' You can read more about them here: http://simonthoumire.com/simon-thoumire-and-ian-carr/ The new CD "He Thinks He's Invisible" from Simon Thoumire (English Concertina) and Ian Carr (Guitar) is now available to buy online (including as downloads). Here's the link: http://footstompinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/he-thinks-hes-invisible
  2. Here's some videos of Simon and Ian Carr. The clips just went up on YouTube today. Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr Set of Jigs : Jigs - Inspector Donald Campbell/Charles O'Connor/Blue Bonnets/Rory MacLeods (all trad) http://www.youtube.com/simonthoumire1#p/u/3/ydsKWgD01X8 Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr Itchy Fingers: Itchy Fingers (Pipe Major Rab Pinkman)/Tam Bain's Lum (Pipe Major Donald Shaw Ramsay)/Blackberry Blossom (trad) http://www.youtube.com/simonthoumire1#p/u/2/zEzvoMAA9KA Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr hornpipe and march : Granton Fish Bowl (Simon Thoumire)/Prince Charles's Welcome to Simon Thoumire's Concertina (Simon Thoumire) http://www.youtube.com/simonthoumire1#p/u/1/kQbvrGL9zUA Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr - Reels and air: Baby I Love You (Ian Carr) / Henninglaten (trad) / Irish Reel (trad) http://www.youtube.com/simonthoumire1#p/u/4/0UeLNiSMS_g Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr - Strathspey and Reelish: The Brocken Spectre (Ian Carr)/3 Piece Suite (Simon Thoumire) http://www.youtube.com/simonthoumire1#p/u/0/XM-3RJHaxlM Simon Thoumire - Ian Carr play Shetland tunes: 3 tunes Da Fashion O'Da Delting Lassies (trad)/ Christmas Day in the Morning (trad)/Arizona Mood (Ian Carr).
  3. Simon Thoumire & Ian Carr perform The Mason's Apron/Ale is Dear/Dick Gossip's Reel/The Clumsy Lover. Filmed for the BBC as part of Celtic Connections Festival 2011. http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/celticconnections/2011/artists/simon_thoumire_and_ian_carr
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your nice comments. If you have any questions about technique etc do not hesitate to ask. Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi Bruce, You should check out Simon's article on his technique -he describes how he does "Rolls" - it is in the articles section on the Foot Stompin' website. Cheers
  6. Hello Bruce, Have you checked out Simon's article on his playing technique? He describes how he does "rolls" - you can read it on the Foot Stompin' website. It's really interesting. Here is the direct link: http://www.footstompin.com/articles/techni...lish_concertina
  7. Thought Concertina.net readers might like to read this review of Simon performing at a festival in Finland. http://www.accordions.com/finland/04_fri.htm in July.
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