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  1. Hi Ardie, Yes I'm building the MIDI concertina from scratch, so it would be relatively easy to change the button layout. However I wanted to match the spacing of a standard concertina so the transition from MIDI to normal concertina would not involve relearning button positions. The only concession I've made is the increased diameter of my buttons to use commercially available push switches. I'd be interested in your thoughts of how the button layout could be modified. Best Regards, Paul C.
  2. Hi FirstSteps, The MIDI concertina is just a set of switches connected to a microcontroller ( small computer ). The microcontroller senses when the buttons are pressed or released and then sends the appropriate message to your computer, the computer then plays the sound. The behaviour of the MIDI concertina is controlled by the software ( sets of instructions ) stored within the microcontroller, so if the software is modified it's possible to change the way the MIDI concertina plays. As I understand it the Anglo plays a different note depending if the bellows are squeezed or pulled. Hence for an Anglo concertina some way of simulating the bellows is essential. Bellows simulation on an English concertina isn't so important, however if you want to add dynamics some form of bellows simulation is important. I'm only at the design stages but I'm designing the bellows simulation to sense if the bellows are squeezed or pulled. Best Regards, Paul C.
  3. Hi Shaun, Thanks for your offer of help. I should be OK with the electronics and the code ( Electronics Engineer ), it's the instrument interaction that I may need some help on. Also sending the correct MIDI commands etc. What model of push switch are you using for your buttons on your instrument? if you are using push switches. I'm planning to use a PIC18F45K22 as the main processor. BR Paul C.
  4. Great, thanks Geoff. The push buttons I'm proposing to use are 5.5mm diameter, so I shouldn't be far out, enough to get me started. Best Regards, Paul C.
  5. Hi, Very new to concertinas. Can't afford to buy a proper concertina yet but building a MIDI concertina is possible. Does anyone have a scale or dimensioned drawing of the keyboard layout for an English Concertina 48 key. I've looked at the Wheatstone patent but there's no dimensions. I've attached a drawing of what I think the key spacings should be. Best Regards, Paul C.
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