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  1. Hi All,




    I'm just popping in to tell you that there is a new concertina course @ oaim.ie featuring the brilliant Edel Fox. There are 18 lessons in all (the first six are free) with graphic inserts showing which button is being pressed as well as whether it's on the pull or push.


    Some of the topics that are covered -


    How to hold the instrument, proper hand / finger posture

    Use of the air button

    Alternate fingering


    Octave playing

    and much more!


    Learning the concertina has never been more fun, fast and easy!

  2. http://www.oaim.ie


    Check out the free sample lesson on the 'Free Lessons' page of the website.


    Concertina foundations is a course aimed at the player who already knows how to play the concertina but who wants to learn or improve on the basic foundations of concertina playing. These foundations include the use of alternate fingering patterns, basic grace-notes, an introduction to chords, double noting and variation.

    Most of the tunes taught in the course are picked from the repertoire of common session tunes enabling the learning concertina player to go to local music sessions and join in with confidence knowing that he/she will have tunes in common with other musicians.


    Each lesson will feature a new tune. After teaching the melody phrase by phrase, Ernestine demonstrates how and where to incorporate ornamentation and various other techniques.


    If I may make a suggestion. I find the website quite amazing, well done and easy to navigate. The thing I don't like is that only monthly memberships are available. There is no way to pay a fixed price for a full lesson. I personally don't like monthly fees, especially when I don't know exactly what I get for it every single week... But beside that, you guys definitely managed to do something great and I hope it will expand and be very successful.


    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement - for a monthly fee you have access to every single lesson we have on site, which is nearing 150 now. There is no way to pay for a single lesson I'm afraid, sorry. Our 'sample' lessons are designed to give you an idea of what to expect from each of the courses, which is how we thought people would be able to make an informed decision.


  4. At first it was quite a detailed lesson now it's just the tune a few times through at her normal speed..

    The full lesson is available on the website. It takes 2 minutes to create an account and then head to the free lessons page to view the lesson in it's full template with all the dowloadable mp3's, pdf, tips and pointers.

  5. A sample lesson:


    Intermediate Anglo Concertina Online Lessons/ Tutorials from Ernestine Healy for www.oaim.ie






    Thanks Leo,


    There is only 2/3rd's of the lesson here ^^. Also, it's much better to view the free lesson within it's full lesson template with downloadable notation, mp3's and all the tips and info. It only takes 2 mins to create a free account and then you have access to all our core lessons. http://www.oaim.ie


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