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  1. Hi, David. If you're really interested, I could supply all the components for a Bb?F. Grills, body with reedpan, mechanism, buttons, reeds, bellows frame, bellows, leather, screws. I have been considering offering a kit, but haven't gotten around to it.

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    1. tartan


      Thank you, Frank.


      A word just from me.


      I was contemplating what constitutes the manufacturer i.e. someone who produces quantities. 15 concertinas a year would fall into home industries category. I needed your KITBS System. (To go on or go fishing).


      Being a newcomer to social networking I thought all questions would be answered with tact and finesse. However Kapenaar asked a simple question where can he/she get info on manufacturing. Wawa!!! 43...

    2. Frank Edgley

      Frank Edgley

      To my knowledge, there is no published source. How's that?

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