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  1. it should be great... some wonderful tunes to learn!
  2. my first tune was "Irish Eyes are Smiling"... .. the memories.....
  3. maybe you could put a melodion on there too?
  4. I was just wondering weather there was a site or link that showed you the layout of the notes on a concertina. if u can help me please do thanks!
  5. i was just wondering what can actually go wrong on my concertina and how do i no that it has happened..... also, how can i fix it?? thanks
  6. try www.custysmusic.com for a geat selection of irish music c.ds.
  7. welcome to heaven.. here's your harp welcome to hell... here's your accordion
  8. i started the concertina when i was 12...... now 14 i hope i will keep it up
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