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  1. We here at The Button Box were considering the obstacles neophytes stumble over when they venture into the realm of free-reed instruments. It seems to us that often, depending on their search tactics, either they can't find enough information or they get information overload. Either way, we fear that it becomes tempting to go down to the corner music store and just buy a guitar. Perish the thought. So what did we do? Did we add to the confusion? Well, we hope not. We put together a non-selling website with some introductory information, including, of course, a link to concertina.net. The idea was more to provide a manageable amount of data than to create an encyclopedic treatment of everything, but we do plan add to it over time, ideally in a way that keeps the content digestible. Please feel free to visit, even if you already know all there is to know, and if you teach and would like to be added to the teachers page, just let us know. Thanks! http://learnfreereed.com
  2. Everything in the text of this announcement is true, to the best of my knowledge, but the date in the title of the post should be June 18. Sorry!
  3. Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, on tour from the UK, present an evening concert of English ballads, songs, and music in Montague Center, MA, on June 18, 2016. Their wide-ranging repertoire leans towards Derbyshire dialect and maritime. Between them, they play English, duet, and Anglo concertinas, and they are known for their striking a capella harmony as well. The afternoon workshop, "Playing by Ear: the How and the Why" is appropriate for all English and duet concertinas, and for Anglo concertinas in C/G or G/D. Participants should have a handle on playing the instrument, as this is not a lesson in how to play, as such. Sponsored by The Button Box, in Sunderland, MA. For more information and to register for the workshop, see http://www.buttonbox.com/kendrick.html or contact The Button Box.
  4. Registration for the 2013 Northeast Concertina Workshop in Greenfield, MA, USA, is now open. You can check out the details, including this year's instructors and class topics, at http://www.buttonbox.com/NCW.html The date is Saturday, April 13, and we're once again at the Four Rivers Charter School for the workshop and All Souls Unitarian Church for the evening concert. Both venues have worked well, and we're very glad to be returning this year. Feel free to call or e-mail The Button Box if you have questions. We hope to see you in April!
  5. Re: the Northeast Concertina Workshop on April 14 (in Greenfield, MA, USA), it's true that Mary MacNamara and Claire Keville will both be teaching. We're delighted, and thanks for helping to spread the word, but there's more: Chris "Junior" Stevens will also be teaching Irish-stye Anglo; Jody Kruskal, English-style Anglo; Aaron Marcus, Hayden Duet; Jeff Warner, English and song accompaniment; and Jan Elliott, English.
  6. So far as we call tell--that's we as in The Button Box--the Red Roof in Deerfield is the most economical place to stay, and it's easy to get from there to Four Rivers (the workshop site), which is one exit north on I-91. There are a couple of chain motels closer, but they're pricier. If you want a little more luxury, the Brandt House in Greenfield is within walking distance of the evening concert and still has a couple of rooms open; you can see the rooms and rates online. West Winds is another nearby B&B; don't know what their rates are like or what they have available. It's a bit out in the country, but quite close to the workshop--under 10 minutes by car, I think. The House on the Hill is a little further out, but the rates are on the low side for a nice B&B. Rates are visible online but not availability. We'll see you in April. Becky
  7. It would be lovely if you could take part. Check under the sofa cushions!
  8. Registration for the 2012 Northeast Concertina Workshop, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA, is up and running. This year's staff: Claire Keville, Mary MacNamara, and Christian "Junior" Stevens teaching Irish-style Anglo; Jody Kruskal, English-style Anglo; Aaron Marcus, Hayden Duet; Jeff Warner & Jan Elliott, English. See the Button Box website at http://www.buttonbox.com/NCW.html for class descriptions, online registration, cost, and other relevant information.
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